Aman Resorts | A New Meaning In Hospitality

With luxury resorts around the world, Aman goes above and beyond to create the best resort experience for weary travelers and redefines a hedonistic lifestyle with pleasures through tranquility, clarity and peace.

Life can get crazy sometimes. In between compulsory appointments and pesky obligations, we sometimes cannot help but wish we had some time to be alone, catch a breath and cast aside our worldly worries. That, in fact, was precisely the inspiration which brought about Aman Resorts to create an exclusive haven for the tired and weary to unwind and recuperate, placing the value of unparalleled service above all else.

The unique value proposition behind Aman Resorts was that not only did it create the best customer experience for the weary traveler, it also sought to create new meaning to the hedonistic way of life – that pleasures can also be enjoyed and experienced through tranquility, clarity and peace.

The Birth Of Aman Resorts

Aman destinations are renowned for the space and privacy they offer that was carefully curated to complement the beauty of nature. Each destination is all about creating an experience that goes beyond the best hotel or resort experience – it is an experience of familiarity where Aman Resorts receives their guests with open arms, instilling a feeling of calmness and belonging amidst some of the most diverse, otherworldly and classical landscapes.

It is an ideal that has not changed since 1988 when the first retreat was built on Phuket’s west coast. Named after a ‘place of peace’, Amanpuri was created, and Aman was born. Today, with an impressive 31 resorts, hotels, and private residences in 20 countries, Aman continues to push the boundaries of transformative experiences and awe-inspiring locations around the world.

The Inspiration Behind The Artwork

Heartfelt connections made between Aman staff and its guests and tailored getaways make Aman experiences beyond compare. The top priority is and has always been for guests of Aman Resorts to feel at home the moment they walk through the doors – there are no formal check-in desks or forms to fill in which means guests are relaxed and at ease straight away. At the same time, Aman Resorts offers a combination of design, generous service, privacy and beautiful architecture that blends seamlessly into its environment – a combination that is difficult to replicate.

Aman creates environments that challenge commonplace notions of luxury and into a state of uncomplicated serenity. Luxury for Aman means preempting the needs and wants of their guests and providing them with what they want before they even know it themselves – the service provided sets Aman Resorts apart from the rest.

Depth and Design

Far away from conventional commercial strategies and profit imperatives, every aspect of Aman’s hotels and resorts – from architecture and design to cuisine and service – was developed organically and holistically to create something this is both true to its location and wholly geared towards enhancing the experience of the Aman traveller. Aman takes cues from the culture, history and geography of their environments.

The design detail and structure of Aman Resorts assist in revealing, concealing and framing a dialogue with its environment, careful craft and detail is considered both internally and externally at all levels. Aman Resorts’ designs and structures are connected to nature, offer timeless calm, contemporary confidence, concealing and revealing and immersive. simple yet elegant in their feel.

The Aman Traveller

Aman Resorts enjoys international clientele who visit from all over the world. Aman clients, affectionately known as ‘Amanjunkies’, belong to all demographics and age-groups. They have experienced it all and now seek something much cleaner and more simplistic – and Aman does just this. A typical Aman guest is well traveled, wants to explore and take part in experiences that are off the beaten track. They also pay close attention to personalized service which Aman Resorts adopts a bespoke approach towards, keeping guests coming back for more.

More Than Just Warm Hospitality

Aman has also introduced a series of alternative holistic experiences for those seeking to rediscover their happiness the opportunity to renew their positive outlook on life. Designed to leave guests feeling sanguine, each experience will guide guests back on their path to happiness.


Laughter is the best medicine – ‘Laughing Yoga’ at Amankila, Bali provides the same psychological and physiological benefits as spontaneous laughter, strengthening bodily and immune functions, bringing more oxygen to the body and brain, and fostering feelings of positivity.

Newest Revolution of Aman Resorts

The need to continuously revolutionize the meaning of relaxation is important to Aman Resorts – in fact, Aman Resorts recently welcomed its newest member of the family – Amanyangyun, Aman’s fourth resort in Shanghai, China, which opened in Autumn 2017. The unique forest village set in a bed of tranquillity invites guests to experience the wonderful triage of modern culture, wellness and impeccable service.

As for what the future holds for Aman Resorts, Ronald Fasel, Chief Operating Officer of Aman Resorts, has this to say: “Our process for growth has always been very organic. We do not believe in setting out to reach a rigid benchmark to open a certain number of hotels in a certain number of years. Every opportunity and destination has to be just right and meet all our requirements that enable us to offer the impeccable Aman experience – we would never want to compromise.”