Sushi 99 Barcelona | Exquisiteness and Luxurious Serenity

The first thing you need to know – Sushi 99 is a Japanese restaurant.  Like every rudimentary knowledge it’s primitive and provides with nothing more than just a fact. That’s why, in my opinion, it is important to get into the gist of the things as much as possible, so that you can call yourself a connoisseur, a person who “knows”! 

Central Part of Sushi 99

Sushi 99 demands a more profound “knowledge” by all means. If you don’t know an exact address of the place, you’ll never notice it, even if you tend to pass by it every day. The restaurant is hidden behind the heavy steel door with dark windows, which one can hardly see through from the outside. Same thing when you enter the place – it’s always quite dark. It doesn’t matter what time of the day you are there – you’ll find yourself in the midst of tranquility befitting the early hours of the night. The restaurant is usually full, and reservation is needed because here you have an experience of an utmost exquisiteness and luxurious ambiance that comes with it. It’s divided into three spaces, which are united in harmonious separation by little details like mirrors, niches, light that illuminates each part of the place differently, so you can choose the atmosphere to your liking. I prefer a long sofa against the wall at the end of the room, it’s my favorite vantage point, from there I can see and feel the essence of all the things that is Sushi 99.

Tuna Tartar Marinated in Soya Sauce

At lunch many people choose to sit at the bar in front of the cooks preparing their masterpieces. It’s a different experience, almost a separate entity from the rest, and yet you are there, sharing a secret of the whole.

A white glass of wine seems like always a good idea in Japanese restaurant. But it has the best selection of wine of any kind, so that nothing can go wrong! If I had to review, or only mention, all the things Sushi 99 has to offer I’d probably disappear into the length of the Bible. The choice of the dishes is unusually long and tempting to the fullest. I’ve been coming to this restaurant for over two years now, so I can consider myself almost a “connoisseur” of the place.

Tiger Shrimp Tempura

What I Love  | My Favorite Dishes

When I say that something is really good and that one has to try it, you have to take my word for that. Start with Toro (tuna belly) Gunkon or Butterfish with black truffles or better both at once, so you don’t miss on either. Everyone who likes tempura and, also, the ones who never eat it will discover a completely different emotion and a subsequent change of mind, when trying a Tiger Shrimp Tempura accompanied with the lettuce in sweet sauce. The lightness and delicacy of Hamach Carpaccio with Ponzu sauce is something I choose every time, I just can’t help it.  But if you have to try one thing only it has to be without a doubt Black Cod with Two Layers of Misu Sauce. That’s all you need to know, because this is like Art – it cannot be explained, and so here is where we part.

Black Cod

Bon Appétit!