Beast & Butterflies Singapore | Playful Asian Flavors

Beast & Butterflies pays homage to flamboyant Asian influences with a menu makeover.

Beast & Butterflies, the award-winning social dining concept of M Social Singapore, enlivens its all-day dining programme with new Asian-fusion dishes, innovative cocktails, and a refreshed menu format designed to satiate all manners of creature comforts.

As its name suggests, the restaurant’s revamped menu is divided between two categories—’Beast’ and ‘Butterflies’. The former features hearty, robust dishes brimming with bold flavours and textures; while the latter shows restraint with lighter cooking styles intended to accentuate the natural flavours of fresh ingredients.

Beast & Butterflies at M Social

“At Beast & Butterflies, we take pride in never being conventional with our cooking, by adding innovative twists to well-loved Asian dishes,” says Executive Chef Bryce Li. “Our revamped menu offers guests the opportunity to truly experience the ‘borderless’ culinary concept behind our cuisine—mix and match the best of both ‘Beast’ and ‘Butterflies’ for a completely indulgent experience.”

Collagen soup

Whet your appetite with the Tomato Latte, put together with frothy capsicum foam, crunchy bacon bits and bursts of basil oil pearls for a refreshing palate cleanser. The Scallop Carpaccio— a generous starter of thinly sliced Hokkaido scallops treated to a yuzu and sesame marinade, topped with crispy garlic bits and fried shallots—exudes a confident Cantonese influence; as does the Collagen Soup, a thick, nourishing broth of fish cartilage and pork bones served with an earthy mushroom ravioli and sliced garoupa.

Atlantic Cod Fish coated with gravy and served with a choice of crispy egg noodles or egg fried rice

With your palate primed, move on to delectable new mains such as the Scallion Soy Barramundi and Cod Fish. The firm, flaky barramundi is baked with spring onions and ginger, accompanied with sautéed Hong Kong choy sum, shimeiji mushrooms, U.S. asparagus and carrots. The Atlantic cod, deep-fried to a quick crisp while retaining its delicate flesh, is coated with a gratifying gravy and served with a choice of crispy egg noodles or egg fried rice. Meat lovers can satiate their beastly cravings with the Szechuan Lamb Steak, a hunky lamb T-bone marinated with classic Sichuan flavours, served atop a coconut-infused sweet potato mash, broccolini and baby carrots.

Teochew-style lobster porridge

No meal at Beast & Butterflies is complete without a taste of its signature dishes—the Teochew-style Lobster Porridge and Crispy Pork Knuckle. Sitting in a clear crab broth that was simmered for eight hours, the lobster and abalone rice porridge is infused with an intense umami goodness and topped with fried shredded ginger, scallions, crispy conpoy and bonito flakes—elevating the comforting dish with new-found indulgence. The German-style pork knuckle, roasted to a crispy crackling exterior while remaining fall-off-the-bone tender, is complemented with a sesame-scented sauerkraut and two dipping choices—a spicy Thai nam jim sauce and a thick Peking-style hoisin sauce.


Sweet endings come in the form of innovative desserts, from a lusciously creamy Yam Brulée— a modern East-meets-West twist on the traditional Teochew yam paste dessert topped with a caramelised sugar carapace and coconut ice-cream—to a sinfully decadent Chocoholic, a chocolate dome that reveals tropical flavours of coconut and banana brought together by hot Malibu chocolate sauce.

Asian-inspired cocktails

Curious barflies looking for a tipple to take the edge off can pick from a choice of seven new Asian-inspired cocktails concocted by in-house mixologists. Journey through the Peranakan culture with the Cuban Nyonya, where pandan-infused rum is muddled with gula melaka, fresh lime, calamondin and mint leaves; while M Social’s Fashionista was created for the elegant trendsetter—expect a tasteful blend of bacon-infused bourbon, citrus and orange bitters, cinnamon sugar and maple syrup foam served with bacon strips.