Skin Deep In Beauty | Profound RF

What is it that has all the celebrities glowing as they walk the red carpet?

There is little doubt, having amazing skin can make us all feel like a star. But with all the different treatments out there which type can give us the best results? I asked the expert; Beverly Hills Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon Dr. Leif Lu Rogers MD FACS. Improving and maintaining our appearance is one of Dr. Roger’s passions. He and his team are always on the lookout, constantly researching the latest surgical and non-surgical trends, the newest equipment and most improved techniques.

His current favorite non-surgical procedure is Profound RF. It’s a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation treatment that is the ‘wave of the future’ in anti-aging treatments. Dr. Leif Rogers long list of ‘A-list’ celebrity clients have been lining up to try it. The exciting news is Profound PF is good for all skin types, and studies have shown that everyone responds to the wrinkle-reducing effects with 95% of people seeing changes in skin laxity. Men, we know you can be surgery averse; this one is suitable for you too! It’s effective on face, neck, chest, underarms and abs.

Early studies showed that the Profound RF procedure produces up to one-third the effect seen with a surgical face-lift. It delivers radiofrequency energy through micro-needles to boost our supply of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid from the inside out. Our natural supply of these three substances declines as we age, resulting in the sagging, loose skin we would rather not think about.

With all the accolades I was eager to try this treatment myself. I went to Dr. Roger’s Beverly Hills clinic where nurse practitioner Carrie Gessler ANP-BC would perform my treatment. Warm, friendly and informative, she took me through what to expect, letting me know that though this would be minimally invasive the expected downtime was 5-7 days. She started numbing my face and neck with a topical cream before administering injections, a mixture of tumescent and lodocaine with epinephrine (to help with bruising).

Carrie began my Profound RF treatment using a handheld device that looked like something from a ‘Star Wars’ film. It has 10 tiny needles that deliver the magic skin rejuvenating pulse to my face and neck. The whole treatment took a mere 45 minutes with only mild discomfort. My face and neck were covered with tiny red dots where the needles were inserted reminding me slightly of those Kim Kardashian photos a few years back of the popular skin illuminating ‘Vampire’ treatment. I left the office wearing a ‘face bra’, which Dr. Rogers feels helps with the bruising and swelling. Looking something like a Mexican wrestler I was to leave this contraption on as much as possible for the next few days, icing regularly. Dr. Rogers also suggested Cyrotherapy to help speed up the recovery process.

My Profound PF effects appeared gradually with some improvement seen in just two weeks. All of a sudden people were telling me how fresh I looked, no easy feat during the harsh winter months in New York. I can expect improvements to continue for three to six months with noticeable change in volume and skin tightness.

I love it! Now I just need to find a ‘red carpet’ to show off my results.