Judit Masco | Top Model, Top Mother, Top Human

Model, television host, writer and mother– Judit Mascó does it all. With a career spanning nearly three decades, appearances in multiple television shows, two published books, and involvement in various social change efforts, this Spanish beauty finds luxury in a meaningful, fulfilling life.

  • Who is Judit Mascó? How would you define yourself?

Wow! We begin with a question that I find a bit difficult to answer. I am always working on many aspects of myself- in that sense, that’s precisely where I am right now. In some moments of reflection, I discover things like that now I feel safer and allow myself to just let things happen, I do not wait anymore. Now, I adjust and try to be like a chameleon, because I think that knowing how to adapt is a big virtue. I am always inspired to learn new things, face difficult situations and renew myself. I focus on my priorities and try to manage my time to do things that are meaningful. I invest my time in those who give me sense in my life. These contrasts give me higher self-esteem and above all, a meaning to my life. That’s the way I would define myself, although nothing is as it was and nothing is as it will be.

  • When did you decide that you wanted to dedicate yourself to the world of fashion?

There was no specific moment, the perfect circumstances were just created out of the blue. At age of thirteen, a neighbor who had a production company offered me to make my first casting. And they selected me!

  • In your opinion, how was the fashion industry when you started and how it is now?

I was fortunate to start modeling in a golden age of fashion. The renaissance of the models, where the concept of top models happened to be an icon and most appreciated in any special party, event or work. The industry helped to support the most feminine beauty; the names of the top models came along with their personalities and sometimes eccentricities were part of the show, and the madness of the passion for curves the healthy way, the excessive and the unreachable. Beautiful models, explosive and wonderful walkways with tremendous media repercussions, the first gymnastics videos to do at home, music video clips starring top models, and a long string of others which sculpted the decade of the 90’s – it was a magnificent and different time compared to what it is now.

  • You have worked all over the world; however, countries that have marked your career have been Spain and United States. From your professional perspective, what is the biggest difference you have noticed between the two countries? How has each of them contributed to your career?

The United States was my professional platform that made me known, so I have a special affection for all the memories, opportunities and work I have experienced there. The way of working there is much more controlled in terms of schedules and conditions. But in my native country, it was where I have realized a very multifaceted career as a model and communicator in different media, and where I have felt the most loved.

  • What is the best part of your career as a model?

I have worked so many years in this profession. I started working professionally at age of seventeen and I can tell you that I have lived and gone through all kinds of experiences. I think that my modeling career has been and is my life.I have grown as an adult with this profession and that has formed and shaped me over the years. I have always liked to separate my work from my personal life, but I must admit, it is the profession that has seen me grown into who I am right now. For what it is worth, I value everything that my career has given me and I feel thankful for knowing how to use it positively.

Photography by Xesca Vilallonga
  • In your opinion, what is the record of success in your professional career?

Accepting the permanent dissatisfaction ends up moving us away from experiences that enrich our lives. Making decisions with intention is the first step on the road to enjoyment and success and knowing how to say no has been crucial to my happiness. Living our lives being hooked to achievement makes us addicted to ephemeral emotions, and finding the balance between aspirations and the ability to enjoy what we have is a good way to approach the much-desired happiness and success.

  • Even while maintaining your essence, each photo session transforms you into a new character. What do you feel in front of the camera? How do you manage to transcend these new characters for each photographic event?

I always try to have a good attitude and predisposition to teamwork. Time has shown me that it is an infallible formula. I ally with each of the team members. In front of the camera I adapt and become a chameleon based on the agreement with the client or photographer, I like to take control and be challenged in every occasion. Being a chameleon for me is being flexible, creative and empathetic. I like to feel the bond and complicity in front of the camera.

  • Do you have a favorite photographer?

I usually like working with the photographers I already know, because there is a personal bond and I feel professionally secure and confident. But I have to admit, I strive to get out of my comfort zone, and I am discovering young and new photographers with whom I am working at ease. It is important not to stagnate and to open up to new ways of collaboration and to have different perspectives. Therefore, I strive to discover how I can still give other looks and other ways to portray myself in front of a camera. And that’s always fun!

  • You have written two books, “The Book of Judit Mascó” and “Modelo”, and you have also co-authored the book on well-being and health “The wonders of the flora” among other publications. How would you describe your experience as a writer?

I always liked reading and it always has enriched me, making me much more human and feeling more empathy for others. I think that my passion for reading, despite the respect I have for writing, has left me wanting to experience it. I love writing, and while I am not so active with it, I have learned that there is room for all kinds of writers and people who know how and want to communicate through books. My intention has been nothing more than sharing with others.

  • You have had and continue to have a very dynamic career, which has led you to experience new projects in various professional fields: advertising, publishers, catwalk, writer, television communicator, radio, cinema and surely much more to come. Do you think this is the natural evolution that every model follows? What is the professional experience that brings you the most satisfaction?

I feel satisfaction and enjoyment in all aspects of my career, I still have much to learn and I am still very curious. However, I can assure you, new challenges are what make me grow and evolve. I always have new interests and dreams, both personally and professionally. I feel and know that I still have so much to do.

  • How do you envision your professional future?

With enthusiasm and gratitude, this attitude makes me happier and will bring me wherever I desire.

  • In your opinion, what is the relationship between body and mind?

When I see that I am well, I feel good and more secure and have high self-esteem. To feel good about ourselves and to be at ease with the image that the mirror shows us is something that will make us happy. The image is a very powerful tool for communication, but I think that in order for it to be authentic, it should be according to who we really are internally and externally.

  • Over the years many people tend to focus on age. What does it mean for you to grow old and what do you consider to be the advantages of adding years?

Aging for me means developing skills, gaining confidence and knowing how to face failure, which at times can be a difficult thing to do. With age I have increased self-confidence, I bravely face the fears of uncertainties and I try from time to time to leave my comfort zone.

Because if it is not now then when?

With age, I dare myself to overcome my insecurities, challenges and fears. Sometimes I even go for the no, to see what happens. With age, I have discovered that sometimes the wrong train can take you to the right station.

Not taking any risk is a dangerous thing, and to ask ourselves one day with regret, that is all? Why didn’t I do it at that time? Why didn’t I at least give it a try?

The advantages of adding years are simply why I’m alive. When you have friends of your age who are sick, you realize that life is that simple yet fragile. Sometimes, we forget to live the life and enjoy the moment we have in front of our eyes. I feel that celebrating years is a gift!

  • What values do you have as a person and how do you apply them to your professional life?

Discovering the values of oneself is not easy at all. Values for me are authenticity, freedom, integrity and honesty.

  • What suggestion would you give to all those who want to embark on the modeling career?

I would say to have a lot of enthusiasm and desire to learn. Get in the hands of serious professionals and do not stop preparing yourself. It is a tough and competitive world sometimes, and the more prepared you are, the more opportunities you have a chance at getting.

Photography by Xesca Vilallonga
  • Could you describe in your own words the meaning of “empathy”?

Having the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others.

  • You actively participate in various social projects. Where does your interest in beneficent causes come from? Are some of them related to fashion and your creativity?

Since we have greater power to achieve and build a more just and supportive society, people with a public profile are responsible for that. Some of the solidarity projects that I have been involved in over the years have had a lot to do with the fashion world. Joining two of my great passions, fashion and solidarity, makes me feel happy and useful.

At the moment I have designed a simple but beautiful handkerchief, to bring awareness to the population of the importance of the investigation of women with cancer. As a model, and especially as a woman, I am proud to collaborate in solidarity actions with which I feel identified, and in this case, because more than 100,000 women are diagnosed with cancer each year, it is clear as to why I chose to collaborate and share my helping hand.

Very few experiences can make more sense than making the lives of others better, and when you help others, you help yourself.

  • What does it mean for you to be a mother and how do you manage to combine your professional career with your personal life?

This is the million dollar question! Haha … This is something wonderfully complicated and that makes me learn to force marches in life. Being a mother gives you a lot to think about. I feel at peace now knowing that children are not our property and that my role as a mother has been and it is, to give them the tools to be happy and autonomous people without obsessing. I enjoy the communication and empathy with them. I know there is no way to be a perfect mother, but there are a million ways to be a good mother for sure.

I combine it with my professional life – I imagine this to be the same for other women too -trying to do as much as we can, but sometimes not getting it and feeling frustration for wanting and not being able to do it. Even so, the years have given me experience, and I do not demand too much of myself anymore. I know that time is like a puzzle of many pieces. The important thing is to know how to place them and help them find their place. There is a saying that time is gold, well… I have learned that time is Life!!!! So, as if it were a countdown, I try not to stress myself, to live and enjoy myself as a mother, offering good quality relationships and an affectionate bond with my daughters. At the same time, it’s important to me to feel accomplished as a model as well, choosing priorities according to that moment of time.

  • Do you have any type of ritual or habit to find your well-being and inner balance?

To achieve happiness you have to look inside, eliminate negative emotions and cultivate positive ones, it is very effective as a habit or ritual of balance.

  • Our motto is “You can be, do and have anything you want”. What is your opinion on such a statement?

Totally agree. The more conscious we are of ourselves, the greater our ability to take the attitude that best suits us in each moment. This is the challenge of personal development; to be, to do and to have.

Photography by Xesca Vilallonga