Palace Hotel Tokyo | A “Pink Petals” Celebration

In celebration of Hanami, Palace Hotel Tokyo is delighted to present yet another artful collaboration with contemporary artist Noritaka Tatehana.

From now through April 23, taking center stage in Palace Hotel Tokyo’s lobby is an interactive 3D art installation of the artist’s abstract interpretation of the sakura‘s pink petals in full bloom in the form of 210 individual kazaguruma (風車) – the Japanese word for ‘windmills’ – made of washi paper (traditional Japanese paper) specially made in the city of Echizen. Collectively, the ‘kazaguruma‘, also a seasonal word indicative of Springtime in Japan and which reminds us of the feeling of easterly winds, take the shape of a circular form measuring 1.2 metres in diameter and comprising of moving windmills. 

To complement, The Palace Lounge and Royal Bar are serving up a special ‘Pink Petals’ cocktail made with elderflower liqueur, citron vodka and grapefruit juice as its base. A pour of rose wine forms the cocktail’s second layer while flower petals floating atop its surface are reminiscent of the beauty of cherry blossom trees as they shed their petals and the transience of the seasons.

In addition, The Palace Lounge is featuring an original ‘Pink Petals’ dessert comprising of sakura-flavored cheese cake atop which a refreshing layer of pink gelée with sakura petals lies. Sakura-flavored ice cream, mini rice dumplings and a white chocolate kazaguruma decorate this unique ‘Pink Petals’ dessert, which also comes accompanied by cherry & cassis syrup.

A mini, simplified version of the ‘Pink Petals’ dessert (without the decorative accents and the side of syrup) is available for purchase at the hotel’s Sweets & Deli pastry and cake shop.

And for fashionistas with a penchant for unique footwear that’s as original as they are fabulous, we are delighted to present the opportunity to have a truly one-of-a-kind pair of ‘sakura‘ pink crystal heel-less shoes – the design for which Noritaka Tatehana is famous for – custom-made exclusively for you.

The ‘Pink Petals’ Experience

This ultimate ‘Pink Petals’ Experience includes:

  • A one-night stay in your choice of suites
  • Club Lounge access & privileges
  • Breakfast at your choice of the Club Lounge, Grand Kitchen or in-room
  • ‘Pink Petals’ dessert & cocktail at The Palace Lounge
  • One made-to-measure pair of ‘sakura‘ pink crystal heel-less shoes
    (made with Swarovski crystals), including a visit to the artist’s atelier.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy yet another captivating and interactive installation by the ever-creative Noritaka Tatiana.