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We live in a beautiful Universe based on love and we all have the potential to see and feel it from our perspective. It’s always uplifting to witness when people speak and act while being aligned with who they really are and witness how their thought creations reflect in their own lives. The real power lays in focusing on all the good things that surround us in any given situation. When we do that, we attract possibilities and allow opportunities to appear in our experience. An example that dreams come true and that we can live the life we want is the Lebanese – American  actor Nick E. Tarabay.


  •   Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is Nick E. Tarabay?

Hi everyone, Nick E. Tarabay here. A Passionate man with a big LOVE for acting, creating, laughing, eating and life. A Lebanese born actor who currently lives in the states.

  •   You are originally from Beirut, Lebanon. You moved to New York after high school to pursue your acting studies. What inspired you to make such a big decision?

When I look back at it now I’ve always wanted to be an actor. I was always entertaining people since I was a kid and imitating my family members. I always loved to be center staged and did not mind people looking at me. So, coming to the states I found it easier to pursue my dreams than it is back home. This question could take me all day to answer and I won’t be done but I think this answer will suffice LOL.

  •   Did you always know you wanted to become an actor?

I originally wanted to be a football player ( Soccer ).

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Entertainment Industry

  •   You worked in many theatre plays. What do you feel being in direct connection with the audience while performing on stage?

ALIVE!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stage and I always go back to it when I’m not working, whether to do a play or just take theatre classes.

  •   Your growing success as an actor in the entertainment industry in the U.S. must be quite inspiring and uplifting to many. How do you think it reflects on those who also want to have a career in acting, especially in your country of origin?

I hope what I’ve done/ doing career-wise inspires people from all countries, not just mine. Artistry to me is the ultimate way to express and expand one’s self. It’s one of the ways if not THE way that unites all of us despite color, race, gender or political views. Acting inspires me and pulls me out of bed every day to do better. To be better which is the true message behind all artistry and artists. I was inspired and still am by a lot of great people who’ve walked this earth and if I can do the same to someone else then I’ve done my job as actor and human being. Not only acting though, any profession. To anyone out there reading this, especially kids. FOLLOW your heart, please. Keep that kid inside of you alive no matter what others say to you and no matter who says it. Your heart, your dreams your visions are unique and very much wanted and needed in this life, that’s why you have them. Take every NO or CAN’T or SHOULDN’T and use it as fuel to make you go farther and further. Let it fuel to excel and discover. I beg of you to never give up on your dreams. This world would be a very sad place and boring without dreams.

  •   Would you also like to do a TV/film project in Lebanon? If so, how do you envision it?

I would LOVE too! I’d love to do a movie about my late Aunt and my uncle. She was a fashion designer to Lebanon’s most iconic singer Fairuz and her brother who supported her as she did him all their lives. I would want to show the world the love they showed us during the crisis of my country and how that love is one of the main reasons why I get up every day to do what I do and how grateful I am for this amazing gift. I do miss them a lot.

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  •   You studied in New York at T. Schreiber Studio and later continued with legendary acting coach Larry Moss.  What is the best acting lesson you ever had?

I’m glad you asked. The best lesson I’ve learned from ALL my acting coaches is/was the respect for the craft. We go into people’s houses and we influence a lot. People pay money to see us and we in return have to earn that by doing our jobs on and off the screen. The discipline to work hard and to always push the limits. To not only accept “failures” but to embrace them for they truly are the best lessons we will ever learn.

  •   As an actor, you have the opportunity to embody different characters and experience different realities. In that sense, does acting help you to expand as a person? If so, how?

That’s what acting truly is, my friend. Expansion. It allows us to visit ALL parts of ourselves, not just the ones we love haha… We are made of many elements and feelings. we are the hate, the anger, the jealousy, the rage, the envy, and much more. We are not just the love, the strength, the beauty or the grace. I truly believe until we get to know all parts of ourselves we will never be complete. Acting helps me with that a lot.

  •   Which of the characters have you played so far made you discover something new and exciting about yourself?

Man, I’m loving your questions! In a way they all do but one stands out more than the rest. It’s a role from the play “DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA” By Sean Patrick Stanley. Playing him took me to scary places I never quite knew fully. Danny is a very violent guy. He can only feel better by beating up other people. It made me visit a dark and dangerous part of myself. I embraced all of the chaos and loved it. But the ultimate lesson was that deep down he was a hurt boy that needed love. Needed to be seen. Knowing that and experiencing it made me calmer and more patient with myself and others.

  •   You usually play diverse and tough characters. What kind of roles resonate mostly with you and why?

The more complex the more I’m attracted to them! I know it’s weird HAHAHA! But I REALLY love comedy too and would love to do more of it.

  •   You seem to have a continuous connection with American screenwriter, producer, and director Steven S. DeKnight. You worked with him starring as Ashur on the STARZ hit series, Spartacus. Now, on the big screen, you appear in the recently released Universal Pictures film, “Pacific Rim Uprising,” directed by Steven and produced by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. How would you describe the work process between the two of you?

Just right! I love working with Steven, cause besides the fact that he’s a brilliant artist, he’s very easy to work with. He puts an actor at ease so he or she could perform their best! It takes more than the technical part to be a great director. You have to know how to communicate with your talent and your crew and be willing to collarbone with them to produce a masterpiece. Steven does that with ease.

  •   On TV you appeared in top television series such as “Crash,” “Taken,” “Arrow,” “Castle,” “Longmire,” “Person of Interest,” “Believe,” “Major Crimes,” “Burn Notice,” “Detroit 1-8-7,” “Without A Trace,” “CSI: Miami,” and now you joined the cast of “The Expanse” for SYFY during Season 2 and returned for Season 3 as Cotyar, which will premiere April 11, 2018. In what other exciting projects can you be seen this year?

I am working on a massive video game that should be coming out end of this year or early next. I cannot talk about it unfortunately but when it comes out…It’s going to be HUGE. That, and I’m working with a buddy of mine to shoot a teaser for a show that I created. This is going to be awesome!

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Good Soul

  •   You are involved in various charity projects that provide support to underprivileged children in Lebanon. Who are these organizations and what is the process of your contribution?

SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGES LEBANON. Sadly, my contribution has been money only at this time. But at least it’s helping. But there are many more.


  •   What is the meaning of the tattoo writing on your right arm?

A quote from the book “Conversations with God” It says…“ Envy not success nor pity failure, for you know not success nor failure in the souls reckoning.”

  •   Where does your interest in cigars come from? Why do you love them so much?

It comes from loving life and loving having a good time. Smoking a cigar is a beautiful compliment to a beautiful atmosphere and good company. You cannot smoke a cigar if you’re in a bad mood or in a rush. You smoke cigars when you feel good, peaceful, happy with hopefully a glass of fine whiskey and a great conversation. Smoking cigars – is making time to take time.

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  •   You are currently living in Los Angeles and you have a big extended family that still lives in Lebanon. How do you make it work and manage the idea of being so far away from them?

My immediate family lives in NY and NJ now,  so that’s a bit easier. As far as the rest back home… social media.

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  •   Our mantra is “You can be, do and have anything you want,” words by Abraham Hicks.  What is your take on such a statement?


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Nick E. Tarabay
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