Xin Divine | An Ambrosial Perfection Of Yin And Yang

Traditional Chinese flavours set a part with a touch of European finesse

Xin Divine’s Egg Royale dish

In Singapore’s cosmopolitan and diverse F&B scene, Xin Divine re-introduces Chinese cuisine in an innovative yet authentic way that intrigues and impresses the discerning palette. Nestled in Duxton Hill, Singapore, in a cosy two-story shop house, Xin Divine differentiates itself with familiar Chinese dishes re-invented using European culinary methods that will surely win your heart and belly. 

Xin Divine’s VIP room

Led by a team of dedicated and talented chefs and gourmand Ms Jolin Lee who is unafraid to step out of traditional Chinese cooking techniques, Xin Divine‘s repertoire of unique dishes showcases the speciality of Szechuan, Cantonese and French cuisine.

“I am a huge lover of all types of good food and wine, but Chinese cuisine remains closest to my heart. In a cosmopolitan city like Singapore where we are exposed to different cultures, I feel it is important to remain authentic and respect the culinary traditions of my ethic heritage that have been passed down over thousands of years. That said, I also believe in constant reinvention and through Xin Divine, I hope to show that it is possible to do both simultaneously,” says Jolin.

The restaurant’s cosy ambience brings in natural sunlight in the day with pastel hues and modern decor that will be perfect for any occasion. Xin Divine also has a private VIP room for the most intimate of celebrations and feasting.

Szechuan Style Tortellini

Food at Xin Divine tastes as divine as it looks. Lunch and dinner set menus are available and customers can also opt for ala-carte for greater flexibility. Top picks include the Xin Divine Szechuan Style Tortellini which many may recognise as a spicy dish with a twist. With minced kurobuta pork and chives in handmade wanton skin to resemble the Italian pasta, it is then drenched in a generous broth of Szechuan chilli, ginger and Zhejiang vinegar that packs in enough flavour with the right amount of spiciness to enjoy this delightful dish.

There is also the Chinese Wine (Nu Er Hong) Shark Bone Soup that deserves a thumbs up from us at The Hedonist. As soups are an essential part of the Cantonese cuisine, this dish is lovingly brewed for six to eight hours with shark bone soup, chinese cabbage and baby abalone. Taste it without the luxurious Chinese wine (Nu Er Hong) for a smooth and rich flavoured collagen soup before adding it in for an added dimension in taste.

Osmanthus Sphere

End the meal with the Osmanthus Sphere, a glass-like orb that is ready to be popped! In it is a liquid filling of chilled winter melon and rock sugar soup. A popular Chinese dessert that has osmanthus, wolfberries and malva nut reimagined and presented in a creative way. Definitely a sweet end to the meal at Xin Divine.

An unpretentious, modern yet  still traditional restaurant, Xin Divine will win the hearts of fans who enjoy Chinese cuisine and many more who loves a great meal.