Mr. White New York | Southern Search, Find and Feel 

Mr. White, a New Orleans-inspired restaurant located simply yet elegantly on St. Marks Place in East Village, serves up an undeniably delicious menu with a southern twist and flavor.

Using just a few simple colors and a glass storefront with partially see-through curtains, the frontage creates a mysterious feeling, an essence that could be extracted from the façade of a southern mansion. However, the word mansion can be used loosely, one that shouldn’t be defined by how fancy everything looks, but rather, the atmosphere and quality it creates for guests. It can vary and be a contrastingly unique experience for different people. Mansion? Restaurant?

Mr. White | Interior Bar

“FIGURE IT OUT” – Mr. White

But at Mr. White, the experience is definitely a hedonistic one.

After stepping into the restaurant, you will realize that the interior design goes perfectly with a mansion, not at all overwhelming and instead, very subtle yet elegant and chic at the same time. The design does stand out uniquely and makes you rethink and redefine the idea of a mansion. Throughout the restaurant, there are moments of history, intimacy and openness. Black and white photos hung on the wall fill the walkway with history and stories behind the Whites, Jeffrey White and his grandfather, also Mr. White. There’s also a secluded table, which calls for a more private experience. The interior décor is distinct yet relative in every corner, from wall mounted lights to ceiling hung lights to fancy chandeliers, all helped to create either intimate or more open, homey gatherings and events.

The Char-Grilled Oysters

It is basically a no-brainer to start with their signature, The Char-grilled Oysters, a southern specialty brought back to New York City from the French Quarters in New Orleans. The oysters, topped with Parmesan and parsley, were grilled to perfection. The toppings added just the right amount of richness in flavors to the oysters. The oysters were placed over a sea of melted butter and balsamic vinegar mixed with remnant tastes of the oysters, ready to be completely soaked up by bread served with this dish.

The Chicken Liver Pâté, spread over country bread, was very rich and creamy, balanced flawlessly with a little sourness from the whole grain mustard, gherkins and some sweetness from the blackberries. The Fried Eggplant, sandwiching pimento cheese, was placed over green tomato jam. The pimento cheese, made from cheese, mayonnaise, and pimentos, might seem to be giving the taste buds a taste leaning more on the sweet side but with the green tomato jam, it did bring back some sourness. The overall taste is one that is charming, hard to forget and leaves you wanting more.

Braised Pork Cheek

The pork of the Braised Pork Cheek, liked pulled pork, separates easily with the light touch of a fork. Still tender and juicy, it provided the right amount of moisture to every bite with some collard greens, sweet potatoes and sprinkled pieces of lardoons. The Black Rice Jambalaya came with Andouille sausages, crawfish tails and trinity vegetables and topped with shrimps. The shrimps were extremely fresh and sweet and the Andouille sausages gave off a smoky taste and certainly highlighted this dish.

Mr. White has an equally amazing drinks menu. The Lemon Meringue, a frothy, house-made, vanilla infused sour mix shaken with soju and served over crushed ice, is a light drink that you can keep sipping on throughout your meal. There’s also a red wine punch, Beta Lambda Brut (a more bubbly drink), and many more on their list.

Fried Chicken

 “A good day at Mr. White is one where you feel welcome, fancy and full.”

Figured it out, and needless to say, it was an excellent day concluded with an amazing dining experience.
Photography Jason Greenspan