28 HongKong Street Singapore | Your Enigmatic Hedonistic Hideaway

Hidden in plain sight lies one of Asia’s best craft cocktail bars– the unapologetically edgy and eclectic 28 HongKong Street.

Look no further than 28 HongKong Street for an after-dark escape that will thrill you like no other. Built on a hidden in plain sight, word-of-mouth only philosophy for an exclusive guest experience, this enigmatic yet inviting Singaporean bar serves up inspired craft cocktails and indulgent eats with American hip-hop music and great vibes. Inspired by the New York drinking scene in the early 2000s– from the intimate personalised service and exquisite food and drink quality at upmarket nightclubs to the edgy urban music in venues with top quality sound systems– 28 HongKong Street is a high touch, high quality and high energy drinking venue that breaks barriers and marries extremes for a luxuriously hedonistic night.

Located minutes away from Singapore’s Central Business District, 28 HongKong Street is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Blending in seamlessly with HongKong Street’s many old shophouses, this eponymous bar is discrete but not difficult to find. Leave your worries at the unassuming, unmarked door and escape to a magnetic New York-inspired haven. Push past the midnight curtains into the dim but warmly lit space furnished with a minimalistic luxury– from the sleek full marble bar top to the clean lines of Moroccan pipe brass ceiling lamps. Grab a table and lounge on the lush booth seats for a cosy and intimate evening, or nab a seat at the bar and converse with the friendly bartenders as they expertly sling your drinks. Embodying effortless chic with an unmistakable air of sophistication, the bar’s unique “no photos allowed” policy adds to its enigmatic personality and forces you to be grounded in the moment.

The first collaboration between co-bar captains Lukas Kaufmann and Charmaine Thio, 28 HongKong Street’s latest menu is strongly rooted in American culture. Drawing parallels between American Hip Hop and geography, it features 16 signature American-style craft cocktails divided by the 4 regions- East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South and Midwest. Each drink is inspired by the artists and spirits typically found in the region, and the result is bold, authentic flavours that will delight the senses.

Start your night on a high with 6 Foot 7 Foot– a spirit-driven inspired by the cocktail culture in New Orleans. Based on the iconic New Orleans cocktail, Sazerac, as well as Bananas Foster– a caramelised banana dessert typical to the region– 6 Foot 7 Foot is a rum and cognac blend served with the aroma of burnt absinthe and a slice of caramelized banana on the side. The perfect blend of three spirits, this Dirty South cocktail embodies the vibrant and feisty culture of New Orleans with a sweet twist.

6 Foot 7 Foot– rum, cognac and burnt absinthe with caramelized banana.

Those who prefer something lighter will enjoy 93 ‘til Infinity, a fresh and fruity cocktail inspired by the Bay Area. 28 HongKong Street’s creative take on San Francisco’s classic Pisco Punch, 93 ‘til Infinity is a delightful blend of Encanto Pisco with pineapple, lime and cypress, served with a dehydrated pineapple chip on the side. Top things off on a sweet note with Czech The Method, a cocktail that pays homage to the Irish-American populace of the Midwest. Inspired by the Irish Coffee and the Irish Car Bomb, Czech The Method is a luxurious blend of cold brew coffee, Irish whiskey and Guinness beer– a bold, aromatic cocktail that delights the senses.

Czech the Method– cold brew coffee, Irish Whiskey and Guinness beer.

To complement their exquisite drinks, 28 HongKong Street elevates iconic comfort food into flavourful delights with a creative twist. An American favourite reinvented as indulgent bar bites, 28 HongKong Street’s well-loved Mac & Cheese Balls features a deep-fried breadcrumb crust for added crunch that contrasts the soft, creamy and flavourful macaroni and cheese filling. With Pandan Churros, 28 HongKong Street puts a delicious Singaporean twist on the Mexican fairground delicacy. Fragrant pandan-infused dough is paired with salted gula melaka (palm sugar syrup) for a well-balanced sweet-savoury delight.

Mac & Cheese Balls.

Service at 28 HongKong Street is built on a sense of community, belonging and camaraderie; come for a bite and a tipple, and leave with a whole bunch of new friends and a home away from home. A diverse group of wonderful and welcoming characters, the bar team comprises of excellent hosts committed to taking care of your every whim and fostering meaningful connections. Regardless of the bustle, the eclectic team is never afraid to pop by your table to chat about spirits, music, food, or even their stuffed penguin collection.

With great vibes, incredible drinks and delectable dishes, 28 HongKong Street is one hedonistic escape you won’t want to keep a secret.