Aman Tokyo And Aman Amanemu | A Series Of Unforgettable Journeys

To mark three decades of Aman and truly celebrate this philosophy, Aman’s two Japan destinations – Aman Tokyo and Amanemu – have launched a series of 12 immersive, one-of-a-kind Journeys exclusively for guests.

Establishing deep, lasting connections with local communities and cultures around the world has been an intrinsic part of the Aman philosophy ever since the first destination – Amanpuri ­– opened almost 30 years ago in Phuket.

These Journeys will take guests on adventures that fully utilise the five senses and get to the heart of Japan’s fantastically diverse culture. At the same time, they bond Aman Tokyo and Amanemu even closer to their communities, fostering deep ties with an array of remarkable local artisans. These relationships are symbiotic, and in many cases contribute to the preservation of Japan’s local arts, crafts, cultures and cuisines.

These 12 Journeys take place in the bustling Japan capital and the beautiful Ise Shima region. From an enchanting evening with a geisha at one of Tokyo’s most exclusive traditional ryotei restaurants, to an akoya pearl-cultivating excursion in the heart of stunning Ago Bay, they have been created to deliver memories that will last a lifetime – in essence, allowing guests to touch the fabric of Japan’s cultural identity.

Aman Tokyo Journeys

  • An enchanting evening with geisha

A visit to Tsurunaka – one of Tokyo’s most exclusive ryotei restaurants – for a captivating evening in the company of a geisha.

  • A sushi-making masterclass

A unique opportunity for guests to get behind the counter at Iwa Hanare, a superb seven-seat sushi restaurant in the Ginza district.

  • The art of Iaido swordsmanship

A private session with a master of the katana sword, culminating with guests slicing through a straw target.

  • The essence of sado and wagashi

A visit to a chashitsu teahouse to experience the Japanese tea ceremony in its true form, with guests preparing their own wagashi sweets to enjoy as a vital part of the ritual.

  • Up close with the world of sumo

A morning visit to a sumo beya stable to watch the wrestlers undergo a rigorous training session, followed by a trip to the Ryogoku Kokugikan arena.

  • Unearthing old Edo by rickshaw

A tour by traditional rickshaw of the Edo-period wonders surrounding Aman Tokyo.

Amanemu Journeys

  • Cultivate your very own akoya pearl

A truly one-of-a-kind experience in which guests cultivate their very own akoya pearl – renowned globally for their lustre – at the water’s edge of beautiful Ago Bay.

  • An ocean adventure with an ama diver

A unique opportunity to dive with a veteran female ama, followed by a delicious seafood barbeque in an amagoya hut.

  • Hiking the majestic surrounds of Ise Jingu

A specially created hike through the nation’s holiest region, taking in the summit of Mt. Asama and Kongoshoji temple.

  • Ise Jingu Grand Shrine and the food of the gods

A culinary tour of Ise Shima, sampling the foods offered daily to the deities at Japan’s most sacred site.

  • Cycling the peaks and shores of Ise Shima

Two bespoke cycling tours – one moderate, one more challenging – of the spectacular Ise-Shima National Park area.

  • A trip back in time through Nikenchaya and Kawasaki

A bespoke tour of two remarkably preserved old towns, sampling their architectural and culinary delights.