Be So | Sofia Hotel Barcelona

Sofia Hotel is notoriously a place of luxury and class.

The Entrance Into The Restaurant

Why class? Because it combines tradition with glamour and comfort. Recently it has been refurbished and made into a place where not only luxury and class merge in perfect harmony, but it has become an evolution, a modern view on design, lighting and top-level service.

An entrance to the restaurant opens with the beautiful marble bar in the center of the room where one cannot resist an operative. The lighting is dimmed, illuminating only the middle part and the tables surrounding it. Settled on a tall chair at the bar with Aperol, I notice the name of the restaurant “Be So”, which makes me smile as the play of words is evident – Beso in Spanish translates as a Kiss. The charm of it!

The Central Part Of The Restaurant

A chic glass door trimmed in gold opens before you and you enter a domain of light. The contrast between a bar and a restaurant makes it even more alluring and quite magic. The elegant sofas in the muted eggshell tones set against dark wood floors with the white and gold plates on the snow-white tablecloth are absolutely impressive, adding to the picture the lighting that descends from the high ceiling.  It gives the place almost an infinite space, though the number of tables is quite limited. It’s about comfort and exquisiteness, no doubt! Being there – is a pure joy already, but having a warm “home-made” loaf of bread served in the basket and placed in the middle of the table for you to simply break it yourself into pieces, as well as two types of best olive oils to choose from along with it – it’s truly beyond one’s expectations. Now, this is the moment when you forget about the glamorous ambiance around you and devour a perfect bun just out of the oven as if your child’s dream come true.

Vegetable Salad With Stalks And Perfumed Tomato Water

“Be So” makes you feel exactly what it means – you let yourself Be, Enjoy and Relax in a truly friendly atmosphere. Food is served slowly, and so it should be as it’s very close to an Artwork being executed before you. One can easily forget of the food having to be eaten all together. That is until the moment you try a delectable meat tartar or, more to my taste, a vegetable salad in perfumed tomato water. The food, in general, gravitates to French cuisine where the decorative part is everything. In this, you’ll be assured when after comes coffee accompanied by an assortment of dainty pastries on a three-tiered tray. It’s a sight to behold!

Inside The Bar

And to finish the evening you´ll be tempted to follow to the terrace for an ultimate pleasure in the shape of gin and tonic adorned with the thinly cut cucumber skin. No one leaves this place before midnight, prolonging every moment of its finesse.