Mitzo Bar | Cocktail Festival 2018 Creations

Why limit happy to an hour when you could be basking in joy for 10 days?

From the 4-13th of May, indulge in your guilty pleasures and celebrate the wonderful art of mixology with fellow cocktail makers and lovers at Singapore’s Cocktail Festival 2018. Joining the list of talented mixologists is Mitzo’s Head Bartender, Azlam Kadir. He has exclusively created four Cantonese-inspired cocktails for this festival – each including Asian flavors and ingredients from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for a holistic drinking experience.

Mitzo Bar’s Garden of Eden

To mark the end of a hectic week, try the Garden of Eden – a revitalizing brew that boasts strong Chinese medicinal floral notes that is meant to cool your body, a much-needed refreshment in sunny Singapore. The slightly smokey Garden of Eden is an El Espolon Blanco Tequila-based cocktail infused with Eight Treasure Tea, Maraschino Liqueur, lemon juice, chrysanthemum syrup, jasmine water and topped with egg white.

Mitzo Bar’s Oriental Dews

The Oriental Dews – an invigorating mix of Botanist Gin, fresh blackberries, lime juice, homemade goji berry syrup, black herbal tea and a few dashes of Aphrodite Bitters – exudes hints of fruity, floral, and herbal notes.

Mitzo Bar’s Shiso Mojito

Unlike a classic mojito, the Shiso Mojito is a mojito with a twist. As the name suggests, the drink features fresh shiso leaves instead of mint leaves. The leaves are then mixed with shiso liqueur, lime juice, sugar syrup, ginger ale, and rum-infused Osmanthus.

Mitzo Bar’s Camillio Island

If you find the Singapore Sling a little too sweet, and a classic Negroni a little too bitter, try the Camillio Island – a perfect balance between the two popular favorites. Singapore-born Azlam has wittily designed the Camillio Island to resemble an island, a nod to our tropical Lion City. A mix of Gin Mare, Campari infused with longan-red dates, pineapple soda, and hibiscus water surrounds an orange ice ball garnished with smaller lychee balls. Add pizzazz to your evening and watch as Benedict Dom is flamed into the mixture, this culminates in a burst of a citrusy fragrance that slowly evolves the taste of the drink.

Mitzo Bar’s Head Bartender Aslam Razdi

Join in the festivities taking place at the Festival Village, located outside Victoria Concert Hall, and score a chance to sample the Garden of Eden, Oriental Dews, and Shiso Mojito, all of which are only available from the 4th– 6th of May. If the Camillio Island has caught your eye, head to Mitzo Bar at the luxurious Grand Park Orchard Hotel for an equally whimsical experience that will be available till the end of the Cocktail Fest.
Photography by Mitzo Bar and Restaurant