Spicoli’s Clam Bar and Tiki Hut & Dale’s Ice C.R.E.A.M. Shop At Arlo NoMad NYC

Spicoli’s Clam Bar and Tiki Hut, the beach-themed concept inspired by Fast Times at Ridgemont High character Jeff Spicoli, and Dale’s Ice C.R.E.A.M. SHOP are two new and fun concepts brought to everyone by Chef Dale Talde and Three Kings Team at Arlo NoMad this summer.

“All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine.”

Spicoli’s Clam Bar and Tiki Hut have just that and much more to satisfy and make you feel more than fine. On the second floor of The Arlo NoMad is one of the shared communal spaces, BARlo, where they serve up a menu Spicoli’s snacks and coastal bites and a menu of cocktails named for the main characters of the 80’s film, along with beer, wine and other beverages.

BARlo at The Arlo NoMad

From the design, décor, furniture to the music of BARlo, it creates a chill vibe and relaxing yet cozy ambiance resembling that of a vacation spot by the beachside during the day and night. The colors and lights helped to display a tropical atmosphere and makes the whole experience that much more comfortable and vacation-like.

Spicoli’s Raw Bar

The coastal bites include East Coast Oysters and Clams, Shrimp Cocktail, Baked Cherry Stone Clams, Mini Lobster Rolls, Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs, Spicoli’s Slice and Waffle Fries. The oysters and clams are opened and served fresh with a natural sweetness to each, and the shrimps had a great texture, a crunchy, firm and crisp texture, to each bite. The bacon wrapped hot dog definitely brought a twist and play in its texture and added an extra layer of flavor overall. Topped with spicy onions, each bite of the hot dog ended with a nice kick. The Spicoli’s slices are made with ham, chili sambal, pineapple, and jalapenos. The slices all have a perfectly baked crust and crunchy edge and the mixture of the flavors of the ingredients linger, truly making this snack memorable. The nice added touch of tangy and spicy kick to some bites, like the baked clams, ideally enhanced the tropical atmosphere.


And not to forget, their drinks are absolutely fun and delightful. Named after characters of the film, there is Brad Hamilton, Spicoli and Stacy. The Brad is a big surprise, with Avion Silver tequila, coconut cinnamon, coffee, milk and Avion espresso, it will definitely get you pumped and ready for the party. They also have Jamaican and Mexican beer, never a bad idea to enjoy the seaside vibe. How could one forget dessert? Dale’s Ice C.R.E.A.M. SHOP surely hits the spot with their ice cream and shaved ices. The strawberry one came with fresh strawberries, dried raspberries and had just the right amount of tarty and milky flavors to it. The tiramisu one is purely like eating a tiramisu but over shaved ice.

The Heights Rooftop at The Arlo NoMad

BARlo is not only a bar, an “oyster-shucking, tiki-cocktail-drinking, lobster-roll eating haven,” but also a small communal lounge that acts as an intermediate space for guests to enjoy a drink or small bites before they head up to the rooftop bar on the 31st floor, The Heights. With expansive views and an amazing close-up view of the Empire State Building and other New York City buildings, the rooftop bar is clearly not something you want to miss out on. Especially right before sunset, the panorama is undeniably stunning. This rooftop does not just give you a view up and around, it also gives a view down from the 31st floor through a glass floor. The sunset, highlighting each building from behind and reflecting off of the facades, and the darkness of the night, contrasting the lit up windows of offices and apartments, are the perfect pairings to drinks of the night after a long day.

Spicoli’s Cocktails