Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse New York | The (Not Just) Steakhouse

Quintessential New York City steakhouse experience

Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse, initially opened its first location on 44th Street in 2005 but closed down in 2012 for 5 years due to the renovations of the building, has finally returned in 2017 to its very own original location. The anticipated return definitely showed how they flourished as one of the top destinations for world-class steaks and chops and has been satisfying everyone’s all sorts of cravings since then.

Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse is not just your ordinary steakhouse, it is one with history, stories, dreams, and strong family values which help them to continue their legacy of serving up a transcendent menu of exceptionally fresh products and bold flavors, and their reputation for treating guests like royalty in a grand setting.

Experience a steakhouse like no other

Upon entering, you can’t help but notice the impressively classical yet modern design of the interior. The high ceilings, every piece of rich oak wood panels built on-site in the restaurant, choice of furniture and crystal chandeliers all contribute to the classic and elegant atmosphere for a hedonistic dining experience. The wall-sized exhibition wine case is located in the dining room, facing all guests but also allowing guests to view a display of the restaurant’s wide and varied selection of wines.


To start off the dinner, there are several appetizers you just simply can’t pass up on, with one being the Sizzling Canadian Bacon (extra thick by the slice). It is brined, smoked then grilled to yield the perfect ratio of fat and char. Staying true to its name, the thick slice of bacon came sizzling still on the plate before being served. This bacon might be thick sliced but it was still tender and juicy, with an extra crunch that pulls you back to the idea of your typical slice of bacon. It tastes even better with its own signature The Original (not just) Steak Sauce. Ben & Jack’s uses market-fresh ingredients and products to bring the best flavors to every guest. The seared scallops and classic Caesar salad did just that; the scallops lightly yet perfectly seared to simply bring out and highlight the freshness, and the simple salad made with fresh vegetables with the right amount of dressing and cheese sprinkled atop definitely hit the spot. There are also many other salads and appetizers to try out like the Sesame-crusted Yellowfin Tuna with a balsamic reduction and wasabi sauce, baked whole clams and Maryland Crab Cakes.

Seafood Platter

The dining experience was absolutely enjoyable; partly because of how veteran wait-staffs and executive chef Admir Alibasic explained and served each dish, making sure all guests enjoy their good in the best possible way. Chef Admir, also the creator of their steak sauce – prime accompaniment to every dish, is the one who personally checks all the USDA prime labeled beef when sent to the restaurant and makes it all happen, as it becomes dry aged meat. The selection of USDA prime steaks are from the top purveyors in NYC and dry-aged in-house and every cut whether it is the porterhouse, filet mignon, strip steak, or prime rib, it is all handpicked and surely top grade.


The signature Porterhouse steak attacks your nose with amazingly delicious and mouth-watering aromas before it even comes in contact with your taste buds. It is lightly salted because that’s basically all the flavoring you need. It is precisely cooked and perfectly tender, making every bite your second to last because it is purely delicious and simply can’t stop. The baste of au jus (melted fat) that is poured back onto the steak makes each bite not only juicy but also full of its own flavors.


There are several sides that are more commonly seen with steak dishes like the Creamed Spinach and German potatoes. They also have the Mac and cheese, which comes with a sweet onion taste, different from other steakhouses’ mac and cheese.

Tuna Tartare

Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse offers a wide selection of classic cocktails, wines and many more. Chef Admir has personally curated an extensive wine list of plenty of labels. This steakhouse came back to its original location just as strong, along with its other location; bring something very different to the table, setting a high standard and caliber for the rest. It offers more than just top grade prime beef and steak, but all their products are market-fresh, and it exceptionally satisfies all guests in many different ways, which makes Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse not just your typical steakhouse, one with an amazing experience – a hedonistic one.
Photography Courtesy Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse New York