The Harrow New York | Fresh Down Under the Earth

Harrow – an agricultural tool used to plow the surface of the soil

With an interesting definition and meaning behind the name of the restaurant, The Harrow New York, located on 10th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen, links to the idea of agriculture, farmland and nature. The tool symbolizes and plows more than just the surface of the soil, it digs deeper into the earth to truly embody and show the restaurant’s passion for presenting and serving fresh, seasonal food that has been sustainably grown and responsibly farmed.

The Harrow New York Interior

Stepping into the restaurant, you feel as if you are entering a subterranean level of a fertile piece of farmland. The atmosphere is completely eclectic, where the liveliness you feel is unexpected yet pleasurable from the number of people you see in the restaurant. The exposed brick walls and the pattern and color of the couches resemble soil, which makes the experience feel even more as if you are situated subsurface. The design of the lighting corresponds to plants and crops, grown underground with the light bulbs as the seeds (hanging from the ceiling) and are placed deep into the soil and earth. In some ways, the lights even reflect the essence of a harrow and its heavy frame set with tines, plowing the ceiling of this space. It all ties back to their idea of serving freshest and highest quality produce, from down under and ready to grow out and be harvested.

Wild Mushroom Tart | Puff Pastry, Goat Cheese, Herb Salad

To start, there are plenty of options for appetizers, none of which should be missed or overlooked. The Sirloin Tartare, Tuna Tartare and Oysters are all impeccably fresh choices. The two tartares are lightly seasoned so it unique and natural flavors come through in each bite. The oysters are superbly fresh and sweet; you will no longer feel as if you’re underground, but instead, swimming in a vast ocean of water with aquatic animals. The Wild Mushroom Tart is absolutely amazing with the crunch of its crust and the mushrooms topped with Farmer’s cheese creating many layers of contrast in texture and flavors. Each bite will make you wanting more. The same applies to the Cider Braised Bacon & Medjool Dates, just as enjoyable as an appetizer. The Rogue Creamery Cavemen Blue Cheese placed on each piece of bacon, are to be paired for each bite. The cheese melts in your mouth with the warmth of the bacon. The saltiness of the cheese balanced out the sweetness of the dates.

Duck Magret | Salsify, Five-Spice Persimmon, Sarsaparilla

For mains, the Crispy Pork Shoulder, Sautéed Bass, Duck Magret, and Harrow Burger are all extraordinary. The pork shoulder was super soft and the meat separates with the touch of a fork but yet still maintains its tenderness and full of flavors. Other mains include the Scottish Salmon, Brick Chicken, Maine Icy Blue Mussels, Strip Steak and Hanger Steak.

Scottish Salmon | Smoked Cauliflower, Roasted Peppers, Dolce Forte Sauce

The Harrow also has a good selection of cocktails on their menu. The Harrow (Beluga Noble Vodka, lemon, peach and aloe) and Grapes on Grapes (Barsol Pisco, chardonnay, lemons and grapes) are two of the many fantastic options. The warm chocolate chunk cookies and vanilla mascarpone was a perfect match made in heaven. The cookies were extremely soft with a buttery aroma, and when combined with the mascarpone in each bite, it created an extremely charming taste.

The Harrow | Beluga Vodka, Lemon, Peach, Aloe

The fresh ingredients, delicious products, atmosphere and vibe all contribute to creating the pleasurable and unique dining experience, while at the same time, truly demonstrating and showcasing the restaurant’s concept and idea for each customer to interpret and experience. They aim to provide all customers and guests with the best quality and freshest ingredients usually from the local farms in the Tri-state area.

You don’t have to wait for the process of harrowing the soil and the harvesting of crops, you can experience it all through what they serve, from food to everything else in The Harrow New York.
Photography Courtesy The Harrow New York