Chi, The Spa | Relaxation Fit For Royalty

Relax and rejuvenate like a royal, it’s time to give your body the regal treatment it deserves.

Unwind amongst the swells with a gorgeous view of Bangkok’s Chao Phraya river at Chi, The Spa. Since the golden gates of Chi Spa opened in 2004, the establishment has been listed on Forbes as one of the “most luxurious spas in the world”, and boasts one accolade after another – the most recent being awarded the Best Top 100 Spa Award from after receiving raving reviews from customers. Chi Spa is one of the pioneers of introducing luxury to the traditional spa treatments and massages in Bangkok, and has consistently lived up to its esteemed reputation in providing a heavenly therapeutic experience to its patrons.

Chi Spa operates under the belief that the body needs to have a constant flow of lifeforce – chi – in order to remain healthy. The holistic treatments they provide stimulates the body and releases blockages at the lymphatic nodes, thereby healing us from within. All body treatments here start with dry skin brushing. Hailing from Europe, the dry brushing technique is signature to Chi Spa, and has been adopted due to its many health benefits. Not only does it promote blood circulation, the technique also optimizes the health of the lymphatic system.

Chi, The Spa – Lounge area

By taxi or train, making your way to Chi Spa is a breeze. The establishment can be found at Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok’s exclusive Krungthep Wing, which is conveniently located just across Saphan Taksin train station. Enter the modern-day palace accompanied by one of their staff as they settle you down at the waiting lounge. Sip on a cup of warm ginger lemongrass tea as you choose from an array of spa therapies, each designed to suit different preferences and needs.

Should you decide to receive a massage, choose from four scented oils to accompany the restorative experience. The Director of the Spa, Nhannaphat Vorachitcharoenkul, recommends you to choose blindly. Her philosophy lies along the lines of the phrase “do not judge a book by its cover” – the scents are purposefully unlabeled in order to lead you to choose the one that your body responds to, rather than the one you think you would prefer.

Your body is intuitive and knows what it needs. – Director of Chi, The Spa

Chi, The Spa – Jacuzzi Pool

Chi Spa has a variety of options to cater to different customers, whether you’re stopping by for an express 30-minute massage, or there to have some indulgent ‘me time’ in your own private suite. If you’re visiting with a special someone, you’re in for a real romantic treat – there are six spa suites designed for couples as well. All private suites feature their own steam and shower, Jacuzzi bath, relaxation lounge, and a toilet and vanity area. Feel at ease and appeased by the harmony between the warmth of the lighting and the simple, traditional, Asian furniture and artwork, which really sets the tone throughout the therapeutic experience.

The newly revamped menu at Chi Spa offers many exciting options – from body scrubs and massages to facial treatments, Chi Spa has something exceptional for everyone. The therapies are adapted to tone down the intensity yet remain true to the Thai spa experience. The well-trained therapists at Chi Spa provide impeccable service, and are personable yet respectful of your privacy. In order to give you an experience fully designed to please, they are keen to adapt the treatment to your preferences.

Should you wish to leave the spa sporting a radiating glow telling of your divine experience, the body scrubs at Chi Spa are highly recommended. The Local Coconut Sugar Body Polish treatment contains a special blend of the famous local fruit and sugar, and is an exfoliant exclusively made by the spa for people with normal to sensitive skin. Revitalize your senses with a holistic massage treatment, after all, what’s a spa experience without a spine-tingling massage? Try the Siamese Massage, which comprises of Thai and Western oil massage techniques to relieve the tension in your body. Savor every palm press and every stretch as you try your best to stay awake.

Chi, The Spa focuses on improving your wellbeing both outside and within. If you’re looking for a majestic and meaningful way to treat yourself and/or your partner this year, the spa experience at Chi Spa will be fit for a king (or queen).
Photography by Chi, The Spa