A few years ago, I discovered a truly life-changing book, “The Essential Teachings of the Law of Attraction,” by Jerry and Esther Hicks. This new knowledge resonated so much with me that I naturally began to put it into practice. Since then, I have studied many other books and authors such as “The Science of Getting Rich,” by Wallace D. Wattles, which has a more pragmatic perspective or the scientist Nassim Haramein’s documentary film, “Connected Universe,” in which he introduces his research on new advances to his Unified Field Theory, among others. Having experienced the results of such a thinking in my own life, and putting together as one, the idea of the spiritual path, body, mind, and science, brought me to a new perspective of how we create. I know for sure, we all have the potential to attract what we want and become the best version of ourselves in every aspect of life.

The following five steps are just a glimpse of the deliberate process I have learned to tap into the power that is within all of us. It is meant to be applied not only to succeed in business but to anything else you feel inspired about, I left it purposely open to you.

“It’s not that millions of dollars are the means to happiness, but rather happiness is the means to millions of dollars,” words by Abraham Hicks, spoken by Esther Hicks.


We all have a passion within us, something that we really love and that can be transformed into a creative expression of ourselves. It doesn’t matter what profession or field you have chosen if you have the desire of it, you have the means to manifest it and succeed at it. Anything that feels good to you is your calling and your highest purpose. By doing what you love, everything you will touch and everyone you will be in contact with will benefit, including you.


Only you can create your own path. Design a clear vision in your mind of what you want and enjoy while imagining it. When you have pure thoughts towards your desires you will get inspired to know the right steps to achieve anything you want and to become anything you want to be. Opportunities are around you all the time, have a plan to “feel your way through”(1) and be open to allow yourself to see them as you go.


All empty space in the Universe is filled with energy that continuously expands and becomes more. From that perspective, there is a limitless source of energy that we translate through our focus into our life experiences and physical form. No one succeeds because others do not. A creative mindset is being in harmony with the idea of abundance, prosperity, and well-being for you and everyone else.


We take for granted many things that years ago seemed to be impossible. Every advancement and new invention always has started with an idea that probably was thought by many people. Those who believed in themselves are the ones that made those ideas become reality. When you have faith and trust your abilities to attract success, it can be no other way than to manifest in your experience.


Our consciousness constantly expands towards more awareness, more knowledge, more desires. We will always be in the process of creating something new, so we better enjoy the journey towards our destination. When we appreciate who we are and what we have at this moment, we will allow ourselves to get where we want faster while having fun on the way. 1.

The Hedonist Magazine
Photography Joel Filipe | Unsplash.com
1.“ feel your way through ” – words by Abraham Hicks, spoken by Esther Hicks.