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We all want to be inspired, feel good and excel in life. Living in a fast-paced digital era, we are bombarded with a lot of information which affects our perception of the world we are experiencing. The good news, we all have the freedom to choose what we want to focus on, and when we do it deliberately, we always know what is right for us, as we pay attention to how we feel.

It is so uplifting to witness that more and more people are applying the idea of self-awareness, not only to their personal lives but also through their profession. Jorge Perez, the talent agent and producer, has recently launched his own podcast show, Outliers TV. This unique project unites the perfect trifecta: Innovation, Spirituality and Entertainment which blends into the new genre called, Awakened Entertainment.

Jorge’s desire to make a positive impact in the world brings to the table of Outliers TV, guests, that share a unique perspective of how they create their own path while embracing technology. All this, in an amicable, funny and inspiring atmosphere.


  • Please introduce yourself.  Who, in your own words, is Jorge Perez?

I mean…where do I take this one? What I really want to say is that I have no idea really…that I am just a bunch of concepts and conditioning combined that appears as this.  But for this exercise let’s say – I am someone who wants to make an incredible impact in the world and help as many people as I can along the way.

  • How did you become involved in the entertainment industry?

I always wanted to move to LA, and I was dating someone that produced photo shoots.  I moved to LA with him and started representing celebrity photographers.  After living in LA for 14 years, it becomes a small town.  Everyone then becomes accessible, and all you need are some good ideas and the balls to ask for help.

Talent Agent

  • JP REPS is the name of your creative managing agency that represents talented photographers, directors and stylists. What is your definition of talent? Is that something we are born with, or we can acquire?

I think it’s both. I believe there is a natural talent that we are born with and then that talent has to be worked on to get even better.

  • What are the skills and aptitudes you want to see in an artist? How do you decide who do you want to represent?

I work with someone that is an artist, but also a businessperson.  With the way the world is today, an artist has to have a powerful business sense if he wants to make their art a lucrative profession.

  • You also offer services of Brand Amplification – “Connecting Brands + Artists Everywhere.” The digital era allows us the possibility of having an instant conversation with each other from any part of the world. How do brands could maximize the use of technology in the most positive way?

As we all know by now, social media is king.  The way that we communicate through Instagram has made everyone accessible.  Brands are rewarding people all over the world by their brand loyalty when people tag them on their Instagram.  It’s a very exciting time for both brands and their consumer to see how much interaction and partnership can be done.

Jorge Perez | Photography Rowan Daly

Awakened Entertainment

  • You have recently launched your own podcast show Outliers TV? How did you come up with that idea and what is your intention behind this new project?

I came up with Outliers TV because I saw a gap in the marketplace.  I have always loved spirituality, innovation and comedy, but I didn’t see anything that had it all combined.  My podcast combines all 3 of these. There is nothing like this out there.

  • What does the name ‘Outliers TV’ represent?

Outliers TV represent the people out there that are “different” from the masses.  They are the ones that are doing things differently and are committed to helping the world and leave it a better place.

  • What lead you to get inspired to unify Innovation, Spirituality and Entertainment?

I think all these by themselves are a little too intense and they compliment each other.

  • Could you extend a little bit more about the new concept of Awakened Entertainment? What does it mean?

Awakened Entertainment is a genre in which comedy leads the way for people to have enlightening moments.  I am a big fan of Abraham Hicks, as you are, and Esther always cracks me up.  The laughter of recognition is the funniest laugh. I think there is a way in which you can be spiritual and still be hilarious, and that’s what we intend to be on our show.

  • What kind of guests you host on your podcast show Outliers TV?

We host people that are going against the wave and standing on their truth.  Another significant common denominator of our guests is that they are people that want to share their story for the improvement of other people.

  • With what frequency and where the show can be seen?

There is a new episode airing each week forever.

Jorge Perez | Photography Rowan Daly


  • The word ‘success’ has many meanings and connotations. Do you consider yourself successful? If so, why?

I do feel successful.  To me, successful is being able to be in my skin in full surrender, that is, success!

  • We all have dreams. What is your biggest desire at this moment and how do you know you are on your way to manifest it?

My biggest desire at the moment is to truly create a highly watched TV/digital show that encompasses Awakened Entertainment.  I think the time has come for a stand-up comic to elevate the consciousness.  And I am a pretty good stand up comic!

  • It seems to be more and more people becoming self-conscious. How do you think, we could deliberately contribute to the universal awakening?

I think the keyword is surrender.  I think the more you surrender to the way things are, the more they are going to go our way. Surrender is not passive; it’s actually really powerful.  It takes trust and courage to be with something that even though we don’t agree with it or understand it, we accept it.


  • I believe we all want to be happy and to feel good. In that sense, what is your purpose in life?

BTW…I love these questions.  Ok, I believe my purpose in life is to “be” with whatever I am with at the moment.  Could I be with my happiness but could I also be with my jealousy, anger, frustration and even pain.  All these things are part of me, and they are natural to me, and my purpose is to be with it all…just as it is.  And as I learn to “be” with myself, I will encourage and inspire others to “be” with themselves just as they are (perfect, whole and complete).

  • How do you feel about what you are living now and how do you envision your future?

I feel really good about how I am living now, but I also feel frustration and fear sometimes and I don’t shame myself for it.  Today I found out about someone that didn’t invite me to their bday party and I was upset.  But the funny thing is that I don’t like this person so much and it felt so empowering to own that.  Sometimes when we are on the spiritual path, we think we should like everyone and when we don’t we shame ourselves.  The funny thing is that when I owned that I don’t like this person a few hours later I felt so much love for him and even wrote him a sweet birthday message.  I think just accepting myself inevitably made me accept him.  I shared this with my friend today and it moved me so much, that I am finally being able to be unconditional with my love to myself.

Close Up

  • Our mantra is “You can be, do and have anything you want,” words by Abraham Hicks. What’s your take on such a statement?

I love Abraham Hicks.  I think for me the most important part of this statement is the BE.  You see, we go around wanting so many things, things that we don’t even know would make us happy.  But for me, the fragment “You can be,” is the most and only important one.  If I can BE with anything…game is over!  Throw anything my way God, and let’s play ball!

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