We Make You Fall In LOVE With GERMANY | Taste Of Spargelzeit

They said:“We make you fall in love with Germany,” and they did.

The German National Tourist Office hosted a delightful evening called, “Taste of Spargelzeit,” celebrating asparagus season in Germany. The event was held at Spring Studios in Tribeca, New York at their “Dining Room” restaurant space. The sophisticated yet casual-contemporary atmosphere was a perfect setting where guests could discover a variety of German delicatessen paired with wine while networking with each other.

Wine Dominates The Asparagus Kitchen | Photography Courtesy Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI)

By entering the venue, I was met by a cross-section of writers, PR representatives, photographers and travel spokespersons.  The event was well-attended by a festive crowd anxious to gain more knowledge about German culture and tourism.

After WWII, The German National Tourist Office was created to promote a positive image and accessibility of this country rich in culture, spectacular nature, vibrant cities and welcoming people. As a result, now Germany it’s one of the most visited countries across the globe.

Berlin Regierungsviertel | Photo GIANLUCA SANTONI

When initially thinking of Germany, Octoberfest, which is organized annually in Munich, Bavaria, is what comes to mind. A pleasant surprise was to find out that Deutschland is one of the 8th largest wine producers worldwide. Guests were able to appreciate the authentic taste of Germany through a variety of wines, including aromatic German Riesling paired with a curated selection of autochthon canapés such as dry sausages, ham, pates, cheeses, and of course asparagus appetizers and cream-shots.  Among many great flavors, to highlight our favorite wine was the Castell Schlossberg from Castell, Bavaria, the driest of the options. Food, wine and cheese tours are just a few ways to experience the culinary delights of Germany. Most of the wineries are along the Rhine River which makes for a picturesque experience.

Ahr Wine Region | Photography Courtesy Deutsches Weininstitut GmbH (DWI)

Home to one of Europe’s strongest economies, Germany is also a leading destination for those who are seeking luxurious and hedonistic travel. Offering a diversity of activities, there are astonishing half-timbered towns, medieval castles, and churches surrounded by natural landscapes with forests, meadows filled with flowers and fast-running rivers. The beauty of big cities does not stay behind with its contemporary infrastructure and streets full of art and history.

Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf – Rheinturm and Gehry-buildings Der Neue Zollhof in Hafen | Photo FRANCESCO CAROVILLANO

This year, Bauhaus, the design school founded by Walter Gropius, the father of modern architecture that united the crafts and other artistic disciplines, is celebrating its 100 anniversary. This gave birth to how we perceive today ‘design’ as a profession. A great reason to visit Bauhaus, the still preserved, one of its original buildings in Dessau, just a train ride from the German capital – Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin At Night | Photography by Nico Trinkhaus

In the end, the room was energized with discussions of the many possibilities of travel options to this beautiful country. From the seasoned traveler to the novice, the attendees were enticed to book their next trip to Germany.

The German National Tourist Office
Photography Courtesy The German National Tourist Office 
Cover View over Bernkastel-Kues and Surrounding Vineyards Along the Moselle River and German Vine Road (Weinstrasse) | Photo FRANCESCO CAROVILLANO