Fat Prince | Middle Eastern Café, Bar, and Kebabery

From morning till midnight, get your caffeine and alcoholic fix at Fat Prince – where Middle Eastern elegance meets innovative modernity.

For a mid-day break or after work enjoyment, pop over to Fat Prince, a café by day and gastronomic bar by night. Singapore is a hotpot of cultures; this extends not only to our people, but our food and beverage establishments as well. Fat Prince throws in the Middle Eastern way of life to the vibrant mix, with scrumptious food and drinks representative of the warm, hospitable culture. The establishment debuts a newly revamped cocktail menu exquisitely created by the Head Bartender, Thomas Sobota, which features an exciting Turkish twist to the classic cocktail selection.

Fat Prince’s Head Bartender, Thomas Sobota

Located in an old shop house along Peck Seah Street, Fat Prince is an easy walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Inside the bar, Middle Eastern bohemian decorative elements meet modern architectural sophistication, with brown and dark blue hues alternated to accentuate different areas of the establishment. Although exuding somewhat casual vibes, elegance is laced in the details of the presentation of the food, drinks, and service at Fat Prince.

Beiruit Negroni

The Beirut Negroni is a wonderfully made classic cocktail at Fat Prince. The aromatic drink boasts spicy and zesty flavors, which is a blend of house-made Pink Peppercorn Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari.

Karakoy Nightcap

Since a Raki is considered Turkey’s national drink, it goes without saying that Fat Prince will feature this popular Turkish cocktail in their new cocktail menu. The Karakoy Nightcap is a mix of Tequila, Grape Raki, Maraschino Liqueur and Sweet Vermouth, and is the least sweet of the three cocktails mentioned in this article.

The Prima Donna is a blend of Gin, Chardonnay, Green Chartreuse, Hazelnut Liqueur, Rosehip Tagine and Cranberry Bitters.

The Prima Donna cocktail at Fat Prince is the true star of the show. Set to steal the hearts of ladies looking to enjoy a tipple during high tea dates with their friends, the Prima Donna is a grown up tea party and a ‘ladies night’ in one. The intricate cocktail set is served in a teapot with teacups for sharing (between 3-4 people), and the stark contrast between the white of the porcelain and the bright pink cocktail is captured gorgeously on camera – feel free to exploit the beauty of this drink on social media. The floral and tea flavors of the Prima Donna make it easily palatable, and the perfect accessory to the appetizing bar food served at Fat Prince.

Top Left: Feta Muhammara; Bottom Right: Cashew Hummus
Smoked Pepper Squid

Speaking of which, the bar snacks served at Fat Prince are perfect whether eaten alone or paired with a cocktail. The Cashew Hummus – made with roasted cashew gremolata – is crunchy, yet smooth. The Feta Muhammara is tangy, cheesy, herb-y, and zesty all at once. Both the Cashew Hummus and the Feta Muhammara are served with soft pita bread, which really bring out the Middle Eastern flavors of the spreads. If you are a fan of calamari, do not miss the Smoked Pepper Squid served at Fat Prince. The squid is nicely fried, chewy and tender, not rubbery, which is hard to achieve when cooking this particularly difficult dish.

Give Fat Prince a visit after a long day at work, or during an afternoon meetup with your friends – there are plenty of drinks and snacks to suit various occasions and palates. Venture out of the standard local scene and experience a Middle Eastern twist to cocktail hour, we guarantee that it will be an intoxicating experience unlike any other.

Photography by Fat Prince