SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill New York | A Vacation Away

“Kick back, eat well and stay awhile”

Sometimes you just have to kick back, eat well and stay awhile. If that’s the motto you believe in and live by, SUGARCANE raw bar grill is the place for you. Located in Dumbo of Brooklyn, SUGARCANE does not only serve globally inspired small plates prepared from three kitchens – an open fire grill, raw bar and traditional kitchen, with Old Havana, inspired interior design as part of the restaurant, but also offers outdoor seating which provides amazing picturesque views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. It will definitely make you want to stay more than just a little while.

Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Skyline View From SUGARCANE  in Dumbo

“We are on a quest to celebrate the simple pleasures in life – eating well and celebrating with friends – with a focus on the “shared experience.”

Walking into the restaurant, you immediately feel as if you have entered a vacation lodge where the interior design is elegant, chic and modern yet cozy. The wooden structure, high ceilings, and the immense amount of space allotted for each table, in between and for aisles, all add on to the overall feeling of being in a vacation house where guests can relax and enjoy everything. The sense of openness, giving off a warm and welcoming energy, and the liveliness of other guests definitely contribute to the idea of shared experience.

SUGARCANE raw bar grill’s menu offers an extensive list of appetizers and just know, whatever you do end up choosing, it is made from the best and you will surely enjoy it. The Hokkaido Scallops, placed over a piece of compressed apple, topped with jalapenos and black truffles and drizzled with lime juice, was a bite full of surprises and contrasts of textures and flavors. The scallops were tender yet firm, the apple gives each bite a crunch accompanied by a sweetness, balancing the spiciness from the jalapeno and the sourness from the lime juice, and the black truffle enwraps all the flavors with its divine taste and aroma.

The Hokkaido Scallops

The Crispy Rice, under the specialty sushi rolls section of the menu, shifts away from your idea of a typical sushi roll. Kimchi slaw is placed on a block of fried crispy rice, covered by a piece of yellowtail with sprinkled chives and kimchi sriracha sauce atop. The crunch to the crispy rice might throw you off slightly because you usually don’t expect the rice portion of a piece of a sushi roll to be that crispy. This specialty roll is also unique in flavor where there is a slight kick from the kimchi slaw and kimchi sriracha sauce, tempting you to go for another piece. The Goat Cheese Croquettes are placed alongside a guava membrillo marmalade and topped with chives. The tad bits of sweet and sour flavors of the marmalade flawlessly balanced the goat cheese, making sure every succeeding bite is pleasurable.

The Crispy Rice

The Bacon Wrapped Dates also has linguiça inside and are served with a pool of manchego cheese sauce. The bacon, date, and linguiça go really well together. You almost don’t even realize there are dates until the sweetness comes through, blending with the flavors of the bacon and sausage. The Brussels sprouts grilled with a sweet soy glaze and topped with orange pieces is a great side of vegetables, and it is very easy to keep munching on it and finishing it without noticing.

Presented with an egg fully covering the duck leg and buttermilk waffles, the Duck and Waffles comes in a generous portion which looks extremely deliciously inviting. One bite will not suffice to satisfy the temptations it has already created through your eyes. It will only fuel you to continue. Breaking the duck egg yolk provides just the right moisture to the overall plate, and the crispy skin of the duck leg contrasts really well with the softness of the buttermilk waffles. Their mustard maple syrup is the perfect touch to top it all off. It gets even better when paired with a glass of Rioja red wine. The Duck and Waffles is the idea of a southern chicken waffle with a mix of southeastern twist, a dish that ideally depicts the restaurant in the same sense with a twist that provides and embraces Cuban and Latin American aspects from its design to its food.

The Goat Cheese Croquettes

From the open fire grill, the squid with peppers, onions and chives are beautifully placed over a lemon aioli sauce. The squid is grilled and served fresh, leaving a hint of its natural sweetness to its taste and a firmness to its texture. The grilling of the squid gives it an extra layer of seasoning and with the lemon aioli sauce, it makes each bite unique and charming, definitely a must to try.

Under the large plates, the Grilled Whole Branzino is certainly one to be shared amongst several people. The fish is simply seasoned and masterfully grilled, thus a little bit of lemon juice over it is just enough to bring out without overshadowing the natural flavors of the fish. Sided with a jar of blistered tomatoes with a sauce vierge and a bowl of polenta in the form of porridge, it created different layers of richness in flavors but also complementing the branzino in all sorts of ways. The tomatoes are tangy and mouthwatering, and the polenta provides an amazingly creamy and buttery aroma which fills your mouth and covers every taste bud.

The Chardonnay, Louis Jadot, Burgundy, France 2015 is an absolute perfect match with both the grilled squid and the fish, amplifying everything about those two dishes. The wine was light and crisp and at the same time, making it in combination with the seafood a perfect match.

The Bacon Wrapped Dates

Just in case you think you’re done with the meal, you might want to think again! Their desserts are not to be missed. Especially the Torrejas; French toast deliciously soaked in dulce de leche covered with maple caramelized apples and served with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream. There are plenty of options for cocktails, wines and other beverages to enjoy during your meal or to splendidly end your meal, like a Hungary dessert wine which will pleasantly surprise you!

SUGARCANE has also an extensive Rum selection, a true paradise for rum lovers. If you want to spice up your visit, we recommend the Jamaican Appleton Estate 12-year reserve among many others. Looking for a short yet pleasant getaway while enjoying an innovative cuisine? Trying to create a vacation-like dining experience with friends and family? SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill has it all.


You are one sugarcane away from a sweet vacation.

You are one vacation away from a memorable experience.

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Photography Liz Clayman