Carlisle Bay | Exclusive Yoga Retreat With Daisy Jewellery

Luxury Antiguan resort Carlisle Bay, is delighted to launch its first Yoga Retreat – ‘A Journey through the Elements’, this summer.

Carlisle Bay has partnered with contemporary jewellery brand, Daisy Jewellery and will gift all guests participating in the retreat with the iconic Chakra bracelet. The collaboration aims to promote internal wellbeing, harmony, and balance while in the peaceful Caribbean setting.

Hosted by yoga instructor Tanja Mickwitz, the retreat will take guests on a unique, soul-searching trip using the yoga tradition Panchamahabhutas – the five great elements – earth, wind, fire, air and space. In the morning sessions, Tanya will offer more dynamic practices to invigorate for the day whereas the afternoons will be reserved for slower flow, restorative practice and meditation.

With a sweeping backdrop of the rainforest, set next the idyllic white beaches, guests can immerse themselves into nature, whilst practising their yoga, breathing and meditation techniques. The seven-day retreat includes:

  • Earth – Vinyasa and Grounding Restorative Yoga
  • Water – Focus on breathing techniques and Yoga Nidra
  • Fire – Invigorating Vinyasa and Pranayama and Shakti Meditation
  • Air – Heart Healing Meditation
  • Space – Liberating Vinyasa and Fire Ceremony & Circle

The retreat will also include active experiences to compliment the yoga, allowing the guests to also experience some Antigua adventures during their trip:

  • Horse-riding Trek
  • Helicopter & car tour around the island
  • Sunset cruise along the coastline

Famous for designing the original Chakra bracelet, Daisy Jewellery is an established, elegant brand and the perfect partner for Carlisle Bay’s Yoga Retreat based on a journey through the elements. Daisy Jewellery designs are influenced by spirituality and the brand is well known for being at the forefront of inspiring the jewellery wellbeing trend. Chakras are focal energy points in the human body that connect to the bodies organs and emotions; the bracelet symbolises the inner wellness and harmony guests are striving for on this exotic island retreat.
Photography by Carlisle Bay