Crave Fishbar New York | When the Cravings Call

craving; a powerful desire for something

Crave Fishbar, locations in Midtown and Upper West Side of New York City, is a sustainable, eco-conscious restaurant and bar where you can satisfy your cravings ranging from food to desserts to drinks. To make sure your cravings are satisfied in the best way, Crave commits to sourcing and serving locally caught seafood in a creative manner with fresh and seasonal ingredients. Crave is also the first NYC partner of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program, a national leader in ocean sustainability, and also one of the charter members of the JBF Smart Catch Program.

Crave Fishbar New York Exterior Facade

Stepping into their Upper West Side restaurant location, you enter a space completely different as portrayed by its simple and modest exterior. The vibe and atmosphere are extremely welcoming and lively. They are very accommodating with the different seating and locations within the restaurant to guarantee a pleasurable experience. You can sit outside, or inside by the bar, or on high chairs at a high table, or at bigger tables a few steps up in the back of the restaurant. The interior design is modern and sophisticated, which helps to enhance the dining experience. The natural light and calm streets become the backdrop for the outdoor dining. The seats at the bar and at the high tables can be a bit more cozy with a candle sparking up a more intimate space and experience. The seating in the back accommodates for larger groups with brighter lighting.

Oysters | Raw Bar

To start, Crave offers many options within its raw bar and raw & crudo sections of the menu like different kinds of oysters, shellfish and many more. The oysters are superbly fresh and naturally sweet, while the shrimps are extremely firm and bouncy in the texture of every bite. The Yellowfin Tuna Poke has Persian cucumbers, enoki mushrooms, and toasted macadamias mixed with a spicy sauce and topped with fresh chives. The cucumber and macadamias give this appetizer a crunch contrasting the texture of the yellowfin tuna, which was very well seasoned. The spicy sauce provides that extra tang and spice to kick-start the dinner.

Rice Dusted Point Judith Calamari

The Rice Dusted Point Judith Calamari was definitely on point. Despite the crispy exterior, the calamari itself breaks through with its freshness and when paired with mung bean sprouts in a Thai miso sauce sprinkled with Aleppo chili, you have a perfect bite.

The Miso Glazed Barramundi, an Australian sea bass, is cooked to perfection with a white miso and honey glaze served over plancha grilled jumbo asparagus in chipotle oil. The saltiness of the miso is flawlessly balanced with the honey and the asparagus, which gives each bite a slight natural sweetness. The overall taste is very charming and leaves you wanting more and more of the fish. The Homemade Squid Ink Spaghetti. mixed with chopped shrimps, leeks and clam stock and topped with fresno chili, is very flavorful. The spaghetti soaks up the clams stock, which gives it the right amount of moisture, and the shrimps pile on another layer of flavor in addition to the spice that the fresno chile contributes to the dish.

Lobster Curry

There are other entrees and sides on the Crave menu for whatever you’re craving for. The dessert menu is just as impressive, with a sharing size chocolate chip cookie served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, milk and honey – milk chocolate peanut butter cake with honeycomb and drizzled with honey. There’s also the Frangelico Tiramisu, Raspberry & White Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, and Ice cream & sorbet.

It’s guaranteed and clearly shown in the food and drink they serve that their commitment to providing and preparing their dishes of the highest quality and keeping the idea of sustainability and integrity.

Is it still a craving if it can’t be satisfied? Let Crave Fishbar do the trick.