Ramón Freixa Restaurant | The Cuisine Of Happiness

In the heart of Madrid’s most coveted neighborhood, we find a haven for the discerning palate. A place where all the components come together to offer its guests magic in the form of flavor, texture, and kindness.

The best things in life certainly come whenever you feel happy and you expect it. My experience was no exception. When talent and passion meet, you should anticipate the best to come together. This is what I envisioned during an exquisite evening at the celebrated Spanish Restaurant Ramón Freixa with two Michelin stars, located in the luxurious 5-star Hotel Único in Madrid.

Interior Ramón Freixa Restaurant | Hotel Único

Ramón Freixa

Catalan-born Ramón Freixa jokes around when he says that he discovered his passion for gastronomy at the age of twelve, after realizing that he could not become a professional singer. That revelation brought him to join the family business, the renowned “El Racó de Can Freixa,” the restaurant that brought him the opportunity to forge his path as a Michelin starred chef. After several years of learning and self-development in the profession, he felt he had the necessary ingredients to take on a new challenge, and today, we can delight his cuisine in the heart of Madrid’s Salamanca neighborhood.

Blue duck butifarra with avalon, garlic and pistachios

Gastronomic Seal

Ramón could not describe his work better:

“My cuisine is happiness, where the most important is taste, followed by aesthetics to fulfill all senses.”

His gastronomic creations reflect his passion but also the aspiration of a bon vivant who is also always learning from his hobbies, discovering other cuisine and traveling around the world.

“Traveling enriches you in terms of existing products and culinary techniques,” he says.

Though using the best seasonal local products, Ramon’s cuisine is created with an outlook of the world. And, it is in this found cohesion between the mix of global and the local tastes, originating from tradition, and with an avant-garde touch, which makes Ramon’s creations worthy of the second awarded Michelin star.

From a compact fish and chips of sole in short broth; Galician potatoes without end; green mustard emulsified butter; Mustard grain stew with miso and lime

The Restaurant

Location, space and a gentle service are the non-culinary factors that accompany the dishes elevating the experience to the level of excellence. A concept better than “luxury” describes all that is perceived as distinctive by all senses. An accurately designed interior that sumptuously embraces guests, along with selected cutlery and fine tableware, are indispensable elements that contribute to making up the whole.

“At the end, this is like my home. I am here every day and I must feel comfortable. If I do feel comfortable consequently my guests will perceive it the same way,” Ramón adds.

Restaurant Ramon Freixa Madrid | Hotel Único

The Menu

Nonconformist and generous by nature, Ramón is always grateful to his clients. Such engagement with them is what drives his inspiration. For them, he always has the menu updated with the best seasonal products, in which besides “À la carte,” we find two impeccable tasting menu options: “The Experience Menu” and “The Homage: Gran FRX.”  While the latter consists of a smooth trip across their culinary universe with 25 moments, the first one was my choice, in which I was seduced by 20 moments – dishes conceived as stories in each plate.

Canelón traveler Mexico. Holy leaf with Iberian pibil suckling pig. Avocado soup. Corn mimicry. Micro totopos; bean catrina


Ramón Freixa has come a long way in his successful career as a Chef, and it is not surprising when I hear him say that the recipe for such success depends on the creation of a good team. He treats all his personnel in a special, respectful, and intention-oriented approach, which I could see with my own eyes. Delegating in an enthusiastic and eager team, they are now aiming to gain a third Michelin Star, which, I am sure they will achieve. In his cuisine, I could perceive transparency, commitment, dedication, love and passion manifested in exquisite dishes full of flavor and elegance.

Photography Courtesy Ramón Freixa Restaurant