Comlux | Comfort And Luxury In The Skies

Have you ever dreamed of waking up in the skies in an ultra-comfortable bed while a ray of sun is caressing your skin?

Imagine being surrounded by a state-of-the-art interior and champagne paired with Ossetra caviar conveniently ready for you. Through the petite window, you catch a glimpse of majestic clouds, which feels like if you were in heaven… and all this while you are on the move across the globe. It may sound like a dream, but this in fact is the real scene on board of a VIP Airliner.

Inside the Comlux A320

In the last years, there has been a significant increase in affluent individuals boosting the demand for even more exclusive ways to jet around the world. Such fact has consequently driven the need to upgrade the business of private jets by providing cutting-edge technology, exceptional design, safety, a larger space and ultimately, impeccable operational services.

Within this frame we find Comlux. Based in Switzerland and operating worldwide, Comlux is a leading company in business aviation providing the highest standards of safety and quality.

Originally created in 2003, Comlux was born with the purpose of operating the single jet of a businessman. Since then the company has progressed understanding the rising desires of the market, naturally evolving from an initial Challenger Jet, all the way to a Boeing 777-200LR. Today, Comlux specializes in large cabin and long-range fleets, being the largest Airbus VIP operator worldwide.

“Customers are the most valuable asset of the company” –  Richard Gaona, Chairman and CEO of Comlux.

Comlux provides a comprehensive set of services to cater to the needs and desires of their VIP customers. From exclusive aircraft management, sales and acquisitions, VIP cabin design and completions all the way to aircraft maintenance and upgrade services. VIP charter is certainly an imperative within Comlux. Their international VIP flying experience enriched by regular training courses ensures that the flight attendants provide seamless personal service, meeting the client’s requirements. Dining is a big part of it, thus the most delightful meals are always served on board.

But there is something that Comlux is especially reputed for; its design services. While invisible factors like noise reduction and air humidification are always considered, the aesthetic aspects are defined by the client and sometimes their selected designer. The latter can translate the customer’s wish into a remarkably designed space, converting each aircraft into a unique one by using the noblest materials. From a contemporarily styled aircraft to a Louis XIV styled one, Comlux is at the service of its client’s demand.

Comlux’s wish and efforts are put into simplifying the business and life of the company’s demanding clientele while matching the utmost “comfort” and “luxury”,  the two concepts that the company stands for.
Photography by Comlux