Summertime, The Best Of What Might Be

Finally, it’s summer and time for some FUN!

So often do we find ourselves forgetting to mix work with fun, which is really too bad. In fact, the more fun we have, the more relaxed and authentic we are, and the more people gravitate to us. This can equate to more business…organically!

Photography taken from Pixabay by Free-Photos

How can we do this? Well, you can literally start with your very own neighborhood, and with your own circle of family and friends. From there, you can gradually expand to larger social circles. Have you thought about becoming more involved in a certain community of people, or even your own neighborhood? If you haven’t, well now’s the time!

I recently moved to Los Angeles, and am loving my new, healthy, mindful community. I love that I can walk outside and be surrounded by the mountains, flowers, birds, fresh air, and all kinds of other wildlife. Usually, I will bump into people walking their dogs and enjoying some exercise as well. I recently met two new friends at the local café right up the street just by trying #3 below!

Here are 3 ways to get involved with your community wherever you live:

Join Next Door

For those of you who haven’t heard of this app, you have to try it out! You will learn what’s happening in your community – from events, to things for free and for sale, to updates on crime and lost pets, and even fun photos (like the one I saw last week in my neighborhood with a baby coyote, fox, and a bobcat chilling in someone’s yard- so cool!).

Get Outside + Explore

Take some time to explore your area and see what there is to do, where people hang out, and find some spots where you’d like to go… and do it!

Ditch Electronics

I know, it’s bold! Take a stand and go out without your phone for once. I dare you. You’d be amazed how freeing it feels to even go for a walk without your phone! And imagine not having your phone at a coffee shop or bar for dinner? You’d actually have to be “social”, which is the whole point – be open. You never know who you might meet!

Photography taken from Pixabay by Starflames

So take this (not- so) new approach- get out there this summer and have some good old fashioned fun, connecting with new and long-standing clients, colleagues, peers, and new friends! After all, who doesn’t love doing business with people they like!?

Written by Gwen Gaydos
Header photo taken from Pixabay, by FotographieLink