Bob Bob Ricard London | Glamour and Perfection of culinary world

Soho has always been known as one of the most fashionable districts in London and Bob Bob Ricard just sets fashion benchmark to the next level. Everything from the interior to service, and of course, its high-quality culinary creations are going to surprise even those who are used to an ultimate, all-out luxury and perfection. Launched in 2008 by Leonid Shutov and Richard Howarth the restaurant holds a concept of delivering the best of English and Russian cuisines to its diverse clientele from all around the world. Equipped with the most exciting “press for Champagne” button at every table it spoils the soul with a glass of bubbly delivered in no time at your own elegant leather-clad booth.

Designed by highly prized architect David Collins, the enduring attraction of Art Deco’s inherently opulent style is presented throughout the restaurant featuring graphically styled flooring and lacquer wood furniture along with sophisticated mirrored ceilings. Tranquil, toned-down lighting from gold finished illuminations and candles around the restaurant set the right atmosphere for an elegant dinner right out of Soho’s 1930s. Not a single detail is missed at Bob Bob Ricard, reminiscent flower accents complete the luxury setting awaiting to entertain guests that seek perfection at every aspect of their lives.

Following personnel’s recommendation, we start our dinner with Bob Bob Ricard’s signature pink rhubarb gin and tonic, which is recognized as one of the best G&T cocktails in London! Combining finest quality gin with poached rhubarb syrup, the fragrant and refreshing flavors work together flawlessly to create an airy, sweet and dreamy drink that awakes a desire to celebrate life.

Following an aperitif, we await with curiosity our first courses. Pelmeni, most loved and famous dish in Russia, are traditional dumplings stuffed with lobster, crab, and shrimps. The dish is served in a lightly flavored soup and tastily garnished with caviar completing explicitly delicate dough creations that melt in a mouth after a first bite. Salmon tartare is another exceptional dish topped with fennel, cucumber, horseradish and pearls of salmon roe complementing beautifully fresh and light flavors.

From plenty of options to choose, our friendly waiter was keen to recommend another chef’s signature dish for our main courses – a Chateaubriand paired with a glass of full-bodied glass of Rioja. 35-day aged Aberdeenshire Scotch beef was cooked to perfection with a charred outer skin and flawless rosy insides contrasting the crispiness around. The dish was served with truffle gravy, mashed potatoes and buttered hispi cabbage – the match that certainly was made in heaven.

And finally, as we were curiously waiting for our desserts to be served, we were ready to test the magic “press for Champagne” button to see how truly immaculate and attentive service is! And while we secretly wish to have this by our bedside table, it definitely worked as the most well-performed magic trick and our waiter was ready to serve a glass of bubbly of our choice in seconds.

While our evening slowly was moving to an end, the culinary show at Bob Bob Ricard was continued and vanilla crème brule was set on fire and flamed in front of us to entertain. And while it can’t get any better, very special chocolate truffles follow, uniquely flavored with 10-year Glenfarclas whiskey to leave our taste buds craving more.

It is impossible not to admire how Bob Bob Ricard just made the best of everything come together in one place with such a glamour and perfection and we didn’t want to leave yet we will be back very soon, because if there is one thing about life – there is no such thing as too much champagne!

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