Interview with Beth Dover | Joy is Essential

When we seek joy first and foremost, we find reasons to laugh. We see beauty in nature, in ourselves and other humans. We find that which uplift us, hence we allow opportunities to uplift others. We celebrate well-being and that brings forth within all of us the feeling of love. 
Actress Beth Dover, who can be seen as Linda on Netflix’s Season Six of “Orange is the New Black” says, 
“Joy is essential. Laughter for me is essential.  Coming from a place of openness and acceptance and joy makes your life so much richer.”


  • Please, briefly introduce yourself. Who, in your own words, is Beth Dover?

   My name is Beth Dover and I’m an Actor, Mom, Wife, Good Friend, Lover of animals, laughter, and singing loudly in my car type person.

  • Do you remember the moment you knew you want to become an actress? If so, please describe it?

I don’t personally remember it but apparently, I was memorizing commercials at a young age and really wanted to be in them.  To my mom’s credit, she took me to an open call in NYC and I started doing kid modeling at 3. Then I chopped all of my hair off in my friend’s basement. Sorry, Mom!

 TV/Film Industry

  • As everything life, the TV/Film industry is also expanding along with viewers tastes and demands. What are the changes you have witnessed and how those have affected you in a professional realm?

I think we are seeing a beautiful rise in diverse stories with diverse casts. I feel truly honored to be a part of such a show with “Orange.” I think in many ways this show has led the way in this change we are seeing.

  • When you were the first cast in one episode of season three of Netflix’s award-winning series, “Orange is the New Black” which premiered its Season Six on July 27th. What did you feel when you learned that your character Linda will become a recurring role?

I honestly couldn’t believe it! I thought I would be in one episode in Season 3 and I was psyched about it. So, to be a character that has had such an arc has been incredible. Pinch me!

  • How does your character Linda Ferguson has evolved during the last three seasons and what’s new fans can expect in the upcoming season six?

She has certainly had her eyes opened to what is actually happening in the prison system and the types of terrible conditions in which these prisoners have to live. Whether this changes her for better or worse you’ll have to watch Season 6.

Photography by Riker Brothers
  • What makes a great cast to be homogeneous and pleasurable to work with considering the diversity of personalities in any production, and in particular, “Orange is the New Black?”

I just love everyone so much. We are all very diverse and have different life experiences but that only makes us stronger as a cast. We truly love each other. It’s an incredibly supportive environment.

  • When you have to portray a role that physically and mentally is quite different from where you stand in at the moment, as an actress, how do you master to empathize and get ready to play the character?

I have to have empathy for Linda otherwise I would have a hard time playing her because she certainly makes villainous choices. She doesn’t think of herself as a villain though, so as an actor I try and justify her choices by telling myself that Linda is ambitious, singularity focused on success, and has a survivor mentality. But, yeah, Linda and I wouldn’t be going out for drinks.

  • One of your many talents is your comedic ability to improve. What does it feels being on stage and having the right words coming up to your mind as you speak?

 I went through Second City training and just fell in love with improv. There are so many hilarious improvisers out there and I don’t feel anywhere near their caliber. I will call myself a comedic actor though. Improv has definitely enriched my acting choices.

  • Does the expectancy of the audience to have fun while watching you in a comedic set up makes you nervous or inspires to deliver what they came to experience?

Being on a stage makes me more nervous now because I don’t do it as much. But it’s also thrilling. The immediacy and energy rush of an audience is like nothing else. I would love to do a play again but it’s scary.

  • You can be seen in season three of Comedy Central’s historical satire series “Another Period.” Blanche, the character you portray is a long-suffering housemaid who works for the family and is regularly in and out of mental hospitals. What is the connection of the series with our current time?

Oh, I love “Another Period!” It takes place in 1903 Rhode Island but we are using the ridiculousness of the show to speak about issues of today. It’s way more political than it appears. Plus, you know, laughter.

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Life / Personal

  • You are married to an actor Joe Lo Truglio and have a two-year-old son. What’s is your formula to balance your personal and professional life?

I think that’s the word of the moment for me: balance. I just want to make sure my son feels loved and secure and he absolutely does. I hope Eli will be proud that his parents followed their career dreams. We also have help in the form of grandparents and nannies so we are very lucky.

Good Soul

  • Are you involved in any charity or humanitarian organization you would like to mention? If so, which one?

Yes, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Drain the NRA, HRC and the Hometown Project are organizations close to my heart. It’s important to have your voice heard and stay involved especially during these dark times.

Close Up

  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is “The Essence of a Joyful Living.” In your opinion, how does joy during the process of creation affect your own experience and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions?

Joy is essential. Laughter for me is essential.  Coming from a place of openness and acceptance and joy makes your life so much richer. I should meditate more though.

  • Our mantra is “You can be, do and have anything you want,” words by Abraham Hicks.  What is your take on such a statement?

You absolutely can. It may not happen at the same time and it may not happen in the exact way you had pictured but I believe it. Of course, I also believe a quote that was in my mom’s bathroom growing up, “Contentment is not the Fulfillment of what you want but the realization of how much you already have.” Being grateful for your life is so important. That to me is the key.

Beth Dover
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