Discover 100 Humanitarian Faces Photographed by John Russo

John Russo known for his world-renowned status as a top celebrity and fashion photographer has been involved in philanthropy throughout his life. As a natural progression, he started working on a charity book proj­ect six years ago traveling the world photographing one hundred iconic philanthropists and gathering their big-hearted stories.

With an intention to raise awareness and to generate funds for well deserving charities, the book entitled “100 Making a Difference” high­lights the amazing human beings behind their respective organizations through art-photography. For his book, Russo photographed and hon­ored philanthropists who have started a charity and devoted their lives to humanitarian causes such as Malala Yousafzai, Christy Turlington with Every Mother Counts, Serena Williams for work in Africa with the Serena Williams Fund and Sir Elton John for the Elton John AIDS Foun­dation, just to mention a few.

John Russo was named “Hol­lywood’s Hottest Photogra­pher” by Bella Magazine, and he is no stranger to A-Listers and the Oscars as well as oth­er red carpet events. He has photographed Leonardo Di­Caprio, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Julianne Moore for Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Es­quire and Harper’s Bazaar as well as did campaigns for ma­jor brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Nike, L’Oreal and more, both in editorial and advertising. As such, he has been featured in many magazines and is a celebrity himself.

John Russo | Photography by Jason Bush

So, who is John Russo when not hanging around top ce­lebrities and star-studded events?

John’s biggest desire is and has always been to live his life with integrity, no regrets and tons of love. He considers his most important close-to-his-heart achievement to be able to provide his parents with the most amazing retirement years. In his own words:

“My favorite practice is to be kind, honest and generous with my time, knowledge and mon­ey. After all, that is why we’re all put on this earth.”

In his free time, John is an avid tennis player who spends quiet time at his weekend home in Montecito, his recharging station.

“It’s so serene, calming and visually beautiful. It’s where I get tons of creative inspiration while I’m there,” he says about Montecito. “And in Los Angeles, I am inspired by the many creative people in my social circle,” he adds.

Russo is a firm believer that in life anything is attainable, which is reflected in the successful and beautiful life he lives.

“I come from a small town in New Jersey. Now, I travel the globe and photograph the world’s most iconic celebrities and personalities. Yes, anything is attainable.”

His upcoming inspiring book is a piece of art itself where each one of the subjects is unique in their own way. The book will be available in Fall 2018 online at as well as at bookstores globally. Each charity involved with the book will receive a donation.
Photography by Jason Bush