Ginett Restaurant and Wine Bar | Black Truffle Showcase

“In fine, the truffle is the very diamond of gastronomy.” – French Gourmand Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Everyone knows the proverbial saying: “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Don’t let this fool you into thinking that Ginett Restaurant and Wine Bar’s special black truffle menu isn’t going to please the ladies as much as the gentlemen – if the bling isn’t working perhaps the truffles will?

Homemade Foie Gras Ravioli – Sautéed chanterelles mushrooms with black truffle cream | Photography courtesy of Ginett Restaurant and Bar

If you haven’t already, head to Ginett Restaurant and Wine Bar anytime before the 30thof September if you want to catch their exclusive black truffle menu. The quality truffles used in the dishes were harvested from the farms of Australia after being scrupulously cultivated and cared for by the farmers.

The intense and earthy aroma of the Australian black truffle makes it one of the world’s most treasured culinary delights.

Jerusalem Artichoke Veloute – Black truffle espuma, cream of root vegetables, pain brulé | Photography courtesy of Ginett Restaurant and Bar

Four delectable dishes await your arrival. The Jerusalem Artichoke Veloute, and the 62 °C Slow-cooked Egg, both work as wonderful starters. The Jerusalem Artichoke Veloute is a creamy soup with earthy flavors, the pieces of toasted bread mixed in remain crunchy, and add flavor and texture to the soup. For a gastronomic experience a little more outside-of-the-box, try the 62 °C Slow-cooked Egg, which is a poached egg layered with a number of purees and sauces that complement and enhance each other. Of course, these dishes come served with a generous layer of black truffle slices atop – perhaps it’s time we start saying “pretty please, with a truffle on top?”

Roasted Bresse Chicken – Roasted French chicken supreme & thigh lollipop, black truffle butter and soft-boiled ratte potatoes | Photography courtesy of Ginett Restaurant and Bar

To enjoy the truffle experience as your main, the restaurant also serves the Roasted Bresse Chicken. Bresse chickens are French, farm-raised chickens that are known for their quality and elusiveness. Here at Ginett, black truffle butter has been infused underneath the skin of the chicken in order to release maximum flavor when bitten into. If you have a smaller appetite, try the Homemade Fois Gras Ravioli. Each piece packs a punch of flavor, and will leave you wanting for more.

Photography courtesy of Ginett Restaurant and Bar

It’s always such a thrill to encounter a gem like Ginett Restaurant and Wine Bar. The high ceilings, black paned windows, and the alfresco bar lend a European vibe to the establishment – laid-back, yet effortlessly luxurious. Find yourselves in the company of other like-minded hedonistic individuals, out for a night of indulgence and gratification.

Cover photo courtesy of Ginett Restaurant and Bar