Concha Buika | My Poetry…

Here I present my sweet and spicy poetry – a weapon of mass construction, and as an impulse for a
slow and positive thought.

Writing poetry was not a personal decision… poetry, music and dogmatic faiths always lived within me and always reigned in my house. My father, apart from many other things, was an atheist writer and my mother a camouflaged religious woman and without a church, addicted to ascending spiral faith, reading and music; she is a great professional of the art of learning. I remember that my house was flooded with books and records of all kinds. The decision that I had to make and that was very difficult for me was to open my heart and let others see and read part of what lives between my head and the floor I step on.

I feel that almost all my impulses and artistic expressions come due to the need to quench the feeling of infinite hunger. Whether I write, sing or involve myself in any other artistic practice, I just let myself go… I feel that the light of my head illuminates in many directions, but I never knew why. I also feel that all humans are multidisciplinary and we are worth many things. In that sense, the process of creation is about the inner self-connection and letting yourself fly.

Writing is a way of shared liberation for me because I dream it… and after writing about it, my tribe can read it. I would never be able to describe the emotions writing evokes within me. I just let myself go and I leave…

My inspiration is only a vehicle, like an intergalactic transport that takes me there … Allow me to wander for a moment … It is like a door to a place where all the times and the totality of what happened, interspersed with what was always happening and is forever. I wish I could live there, I only have a license to visit, and I do not always understand what I hear or what I see. I also do not know how I got there when I go, nor do I know how I came back, I suddenly realize that I have returned and I try to rescue what little I think I remember. I sincerely believe that my art comes from there, but as is not true everything that I think it is, well imagine … I just ask for it to keep on happening.

I value innocence within maturity, endurance, perseverance, joy, faith in myself … I embrace all the values that are in fashion and serve for something, all those that describe an incredibly grandiloquent and super cool chick.

Now I know that the human being has only one race, I also know that we are more united by our experiences and feelings than separated by our traditions and ideas, after four world tours and after having played in all the continents of the planet, I feel that we are all deeply brothers, but I also realize that there are many strange people living to make us believe otherwise and curiously they are very intelligent people and very well-trained and prepared.

I think I will never stop writing, I do not know when I will publish again, but I think I could not live without writing. At moments I feel I could write seven encyclopedias with everything I do not know about myself…

What I think is, whoever you are, whatever you do, whatever you have, be good people, try every day to have a thought for someone who is not you, and feel in together with all of us even though you are alone.

Photography courtesy Concha Buika Music