Vanessa Bennett Multi Media Magazines | Dream, Believe, And Live It

“My mother always said that the world is your oyster and that’s true at any age or stage in your life. If you truly believe in your goals and dreams, you will find a way to make them a reality.” – Vanessa Bennett.

Vanessa Bennett is a Publisher and Editor of Multi Media Magazines in New Zealand. This passionate and talented businesswoman worked for various publications before launching with great gusto into the magazine industry learning the marketing, printing and editing sides of this fascinating world. Her eagerness for first-class magazines comes mainly from the love of relationships with people while helping them present themselves and their brands in the best light possible, a venture she has been doing for the last 20 years.

Vanessa Bennett (center), Publisher and Editor of Multi Media Magazines | Photography by Max Lemesh

“I wear a lot of hats, but in every role, I maintain a passion for the client’s success, the well-being of the people I meet, all while creating interesting and inspirational content, “  Vanessa says.

As a result, Vanessa created four titles: Eye magazine, Chinese Eye magazine, The Beauty Book and New Zealand’s Best Dining Guide, as well as founded Panic PR NZ & AU.

Being one of the largest privately owned publishing companies in New Zealand, Multi Media Magazines have substantially contributed to the development of the industry.  They are pioneers in launching the first free glossy magazine, the first luxury, glossy Mandarin publication, the most significant beauty book, and the first non-review based restaurant guide.

Each one of Multi Media publications is unique and targets specific audiences. As such, they all have tailored publishing schedules. Eye Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle quarterly, a guide for seasonal trends and contains newsworthy items. New Zealand’s Best Dining Guide is a bi-annual edition – summer and winter. The Beauty Book and Chinese Eye Magazine, which are luxury collector’s editions, are the largest publications.  Both are published annually and contain a more timeless content.

“I love all magazines. From the small, daily magazines to Vogue’s September issue. To me, a first-class magazine treats every client and product in it with respect – regardless of page count. And of course, I love The Hedonist! “ Vanessa states passionately.

In 2014, when a large number of clients were in need of tailored and effective public relations solutions, Vanessa was inspired to establish Panic PR.NZ and Panic PR.AU. As the company has grown, individual service and solutions were created for its PR and magazine clients. The relationship with the Multi Media Magazines titles has proved beneficial without leading to a conflict of interest with other PR agencies and publicists.

Since China is a Mecca of magazines with a large readership, especially for luxury publications, they expanded to the Asian Market in 2016. New Zealand has a large Mandarin-speaking population – according to the 2013 census. Northern Chinese (including Mandarin) is spoken by 52,263 people, a vast proportion for a country of 4.7 million. It is fast becoming a common language in New Zealand and businesses need to keep up!

“The Chinese audience has been a huge development for us and we have a few things in the pipeline in Mandarin – keep your eyes peeled!” Vanessa said when we asked if she is planning to launch a new publication in the near future.

As a visionary, Vanessa is also up to speed with a fast-paced digital era. As a multimedia company, they are developing content through online videos, websites, social media, blogs, SEO driven material, to name a few. She believes that in ten years time, there will be no more emails and all communication will be through social media sites or apps, especially via voice messages.

Nowadays, many like to say that print media is a dying industry. However, if anything, digitalization has given magazines a new purpose to develop new ways of creating long-form quality content paired with beautiful design.

Vanessa’s primary values are to focus on her clients and help them succeed. Multi Media Magazines audience demographic ranges from 16 to 65 years old with a mix of affluent travelers, avid sybarites, and inspirational spenders that desire style, glamour and choice. Although Multi Media Magazines is based in New Zealand, the publications are distributed internationally including to various first class airlines lounges as well as to select four and five-star hotels in addition to a strong online presence.

Every year Vanessa organizes at least two big events involving charities. These high-end luxury fashion events are always in support of a good cause. One is the successful annual ‘What Women Want’, which supports the great work of ‘The Heart Foundation’. Another event is ‘The Continental Cars Porsche Surgeons Charity Ball’, organized by Panic PR.NZ in support of ‘Operation Restore Hope NZ’, a medical charity that works with children in the Philippines.

As a successful woman, Vanessa follows her mantra, which is work smart and fast, delegate well, and always balance your professional life with time away from the office spent with friends and family.
Cover photo by Max Lemesh