Vishen Lakhiani | The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Who wouldn’t like to be extraordinary in their own terms? The good news is that we can learn the know-how, but the better news is that there are some extraordinary tools out there to help us achieve it. I am talking about the book “The Code of The Extraordinary Mind” and other initiatives created by a man whose extraordinary example, vision and actions are already helping thousands of people to become a greater version of themselves.

I have read many books related to personal growth and I can say this one exceeds expectations. This little treasure opens the door to a new concept of books, where the online experience walks by the reading, among many other things. With a custom designed app included within, the creation of many new words to the English language, a social learning platform, collaborations with great thinkers and even the possibility to connect with the author. Not to mention that it’s been a New York Times Bestseller.

Here you have some of the words that I had the pleasure to hear from this visionary man, who is already leaving an admirable blueprint in today’s world, not just as an author, but also as a founder of Mindvalley.hat started as an exponential growing publishing company focused on personal growth fourteen years ago has now evolved to a large community of people working on unleashing the fullest potential of beings through education, in order to push humanity forward.

Vishen is the living example of a successful life story that helps others create their own:

As I grew up, I realized that the way education in the world functions today is so significantly outdated, that I decided I was going to be a teacher and entrepreneur and build new models to take education into a future that humanity deserves. The spark for Mindvalley came from there. As Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.  I always wanted to leave a mark on the world, so my quest was, is and will be “how much influence can I have on humanity between now and the day I die,” says Vishen.

“I was always very ambitious but I think that what caught me was the pain that I experienced as a child. As children, this pain often determines our direction in the future. It can sometimes be a gift. Pain, abuse, racism… bad things that we experience can help to wake us up to do things that we need to heal ourselves and make sure that our children don’t experience. In eastern philosophy,  pain that causes awakening is called “Kensho”. I had several of these “Kensho” moments and the genesis for Mindvalley came from one of them. Now I live feeling grateful for that.

“What I am looking to do today with my team and Mindvalley is changing the way humanity functions at a conscious level. The problem nowadays is that many people live with constructs in their heads that have not really evolved. Our mission, then, is to help update all these constructs in order to upgrade education: how can we change for good the way that human beings parent and raise kids, the way that love and marriage works, how can we help create a higher form of religion, how can we create more adventure in people’s lives?  So Mindvalley is focused on changing the way human beings perceive ‘being human.’ We help to take off many of the layers that most of us carry and removing Brules (Bull**it rules) that society puts on you. So everything we do at Mindvalley, from our technology (like the app Quest), to Mindvaley UniverCity (a College Re-imaginated for the future, a one-month calendar world rotating campus), to Mindvalley Reunion (a gathering of Mindvalley teachers and extraordinary souls), to A-Fest (The Awesome Fest is a transformational event that gathers a community of change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world: entrepreneurs, employees, artists, leaders innovators…) is to take human beings and unleash them with their own greatness so they can live extraordinary lives but go forward and leave a mark on the World or a ‘dent in the Universe.’ Our education model is based on three things in terms of growing a human being… and if we could draw it, we would do it as a three ingredients pyramid, where the third and most important concept would stand on the top of the pyramid:

TRANSFORMATION, based on the idea that growths never ends, ENVISION a better world today and for future generations through the following ingredient: UNITY. This ingredient is extremely important. Without it, this could be a force for good or evil. Our loyalty should always be to Earth and the Human species, yet honoring and sharing the beautiful aspects from all the different cultures and societies. That’s Mindvalley’s drive, what also explains why there are people from more than 40 different nationalities working at Mindvalley’s office. I am going to do everything I can, as Mindvalley, to fight disunity.

Within this, we are looking to transform the way that human beings function in this world: from companies to schools, to parenting, to religion, to universities, to college, to lifestyle.

Still, we are trained to chase two things: title and money. Those things don’t mean much. What if we would be chasing contribution to the world instead? What if we would chase meaning? Fulfillment? What if we’d ask ourselves: ‘what job would allow me to make a better world for my children?’

I believe that every single being can be extraordinary. To me, extraordinary is to have those three things in the pyramid. To be someone who is constantly growing themselves, who has visions for how they want to contribute to the world and feels unity with all human beings.  To get there, we use a simple two-step model: Be conscious of your beliefs (what I call “models of reality”) and of your daily practices (systems for a living). At Mindvalley, we teach new beliefs and provide training to upgrade any aspect about that through our technology and events.

One of the important tools we teach is Modern Meditation, which is far more effective than traditional meditation. With only 20 minutes/day system (that is learned by using our app Quest), people are getting great results. Our system is designed to make you a top performer in the modern world. This is why we only teach things that are constantly being updated based on science, data, studies, research, and innovation. This also explains why the next project that Mindvalley´s going to be looking at, is creating a new form of religion for the world.

We are here as souls having a physical experience, but ultimately what these souls crave is to Grow and secondly to Contribute to other souls. One of the greatest things we can understand as human beings are that we are part of a larger collective whole. We can never forget that. The collective whole doesn’t mean the 7,5 billion people alive to be, but the 8 billion who are going to come after we are dead. So it is recognizing our connection to this and ensuring that the decisions we make in life, how we live our lives is making the world better for the future. So we grow ourselves to contribute. Those I believe are the leads of the two spiritual needs. We can perfectly understand it with the mentioned ‘pyramid:’ UNITY is recognition that we are spiritual beings and that we are part of that larger whole. I think God is the collective consciousness of all human beings. If you look at the base of the pyramid, “Transformation” is Growth and “Envisioning” would be Contribution. Everything comes back to this.”