Interview With Troy Doherty | Creating My Own Destiny

Freedom is our birthright – freedom of choice to react to the events in our lives the best way we know at any given moment. Possibly, the most significant effort before doing any action is in thought alignment with a commitment to focus on the life we want to experience. 

Actor Troy Doherty, who can be seen shining as Clayton Swain on TNT’s hit action-drama series “The Last Ship” says, 

” (…) As humans, we’ve been given the ability to make our own choices. You control your own destiny. I believe that you can be, do, and have whatever you want. You need to be 100% committed. Every day. If you really want something, you need put in the work and stay true to yourself. (…)”


  • Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is Troy Doherty?

I am Troy Doherty. There may be others who have the same name, but I prefer to think I’m one of a kind. It’s hard to put someone’s whole being into a few words, but if I have to, I’d say that I am an artist. My art is not something you can put on a canvas, but into moments. When you put all of those moments together, they become minutes, and those minutes become hours, and next thing you know, you’ve made me.

  • You began your theatre career at the age of ten. Since then, you have been part of several musical theatre, TV and film productions. What is the story that led you to the world of performing arts at such an early age?

When I was in third grade, my mom signed me up to do a musical at the regional theater in Manasquan, NJ. There were a few girls in my grade at the time who didn’t want me to join because maybe I had cooties or something. But I did it anyway. The girls and I became good friends, and I fell in love with entertaining. I think it was about two years later that I auditioned for the Traveling Troop at the Count Basie Center for The Arts in Red Bank, NJ. I auditioned for Yvonne Scudiery and she awarded me the role. After the audition, she called my parents that night and suggested I get a manager and go into New York– so I did. 12 years later, here we are.

Entertainment Industry

  • How does your experience in theatre, TV, film and music enhance and nourish each other?

They go hand in hand. My ability to sing and play music has definitely helped in my acting career. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had to sing or play an instrument for an audition. Also, the ability to sing has always helped me project my voice. When I was younger, someone told me that it doesn’t matter if they are in the front row or the last row, they paid for a ticket ­– they should be able to hear you. When it came to singing, acting has helped me put on a good show. When you’re in front of a crowd, they don’t want to just watch you sing, they want you to bring it. You need to perform as if the emotion of the song was happening right at that moment.

  • There are more and more young talents that are experimenting with different disciplines within the entertainment industry. Do you think there is a new perspective of openness to opportunities in becoming a multidisciplinary professional?

I do! Back when I was younger, finding someone to cast who was a “Triple Threat” was uncommon, but now since anyone is able to post on social media, it makes that search a lot easier. For example, not only am I an actor, but I’m able to post a ‘Music Monday’ every week on my Instagram, @TroyDoherty, to showcase that part of me. With social media, the ability to showcase talent has never been easier and I think casting directors are definitely more open to casting actors who are multitalented.


  • You have joined the cast as Clayton Swain of TNT’s hit action-drama series “The Last Ship,” which premiered its Season five on September 9, 2018. How does it feel to become part of this series final season?

It feels great! Being a part of such an incredible show with a one of a kind cast and an extremely dedicated fanbase is something every actor dreams of. I couldn’t be prouder of how the episodes are turning out and I can’t wait to see more of them!

  • Swain, the character you portray is described as scrappy, charming and strong-willed. What do you like the most of him?

His drive. He isn’t your average Naval Academy cadet. He is someone who will go above and beyond to not only help his friends but his country. He didn’t join the navy for fleet week. He joined to make a difference. His drive keeps him going through the good and the bad.

  • Could you give us a teaser of how much excitement fans can expect of “The Last Ship” final season?

It’s hard to put into words how intense and unbelievably exciting this season is. As the weeks go on and the episodes air, I think the fans are going to be seeing a lot more of my character. If you thought the first episode was intense… just you wait.

  • You can next be seen in the independent feature “The Odd Essay,” a mythological action comedy that is a modern retelling of The Odyssey, set on a college campus. How much fun was the process of filming this movie and when it will be released?

I love this movie. Filming “The Odd Essay” was unlike any other experience I have ever been a part of. The director, Tom Watts, and I call it “our baby,” because both of us have put so much time and effort into making it something great. It’s unbelievable how Tom and the other 400 people working on the film were able to make an indie movie look like a studio production! Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of work, but the people I worked with made it worth it. We shot mostly night shoots, which were exhausting, but when we would break for lunch at two in the morning, we would all be laughing and having a good time. Even on the really hard days, it never felt like work.  “The Odd Essay” is set to be released in the next six months!

  • What other exciting projects you are working on at this moment?

As an actor and a musician, I am always auditioning and creating. I am in the process of writing my second pilot, a musical, and around four different movies! At the same time, I created a sketch show on my Instagram, @TroyDoherty, with Zedrick Restauro called “Roommates.” New episodes are put up every Friday! On the music front, I do my Music Monday’s on my Instagram, which includes covers and originals.


  • What is your main inspiration and intention behind your debut EP “Citizen’s Arrest?”

Inspiration can come from anywhere. When I released the EP back when I was 17, it was the first time I was really able to hear my music fully produced. I guess my intention behind it back then was to hear what my music sounded like. Now at the lovely age of 22, I’ve finally figured out what that is… for now.

Good Soul

  • Do you support any charitable organization you want to mention? If so, please do.

I love charitable organizations. I try to get involved with as many charities as I can, and as my career progresses I look forward to being able to give back more.


  • Do you have a habit or ritual when you want to re-connect with yourself?

I love going to the gym. Not for the sake of “gettin’ swoll”, but it definitely helps me clear my mind. Being able to set aside an hour or so to work out every day helps me work on myself not only physically, but mentally. I am pushing myself to the limit. Being able to overcome physical obstacles in the gym help me with overcoming mental obstacles outside of the gym and it keeps me in shape! So, it’s a win-win!

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  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is “The Essence of a Joyful Living.” How does joy during the creation process affect your own experience, and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions?

I think living IS joyful. I try to bring a joyful positive energy to everything I do, from creativity to helping others. It’s been working for me.

  • When you hear: “You can be, do and have anything you want,” Words by Abraham Hicks. What is your take on such a statement?

I completely agree. As humans, we’ve been given the ability to make our own choices. You control your own destiny. I believe that you can be, do, and have whatever you want. You need to be 100% committed. Every day. If you really want something, you need put in the work and stay true to yourself. No one’s going to make it happen for you. Go get it.

Troy Doherty
Photography by Brett Erickson | Grooming by Helen Robertson