Cable Car Singapore | Dining In the Sky

Wine and dine as you glide through the skies of Singapore in the intimacy of your very own cable car cabin. Take in the ever-changing scenery 100m above sea level while your cabin transports you to and from the hilltops of Mount Faber Peak to the heart of Sentosa Island. Arrive on time to experience the breath-taking magic of the ‘golden hour’, where the skies cast a soft, orange glow over the Lion City for a few precious minutes. A perfect start to the glorious night that awaits you.

There are four types of cabins you can choose from at Cable Car Sky Dining: the Champagne Cabin, the Singapore Flavors Cabin Bento Set, the Stardust Cabin, and the Stardust Floral Cabin. A cabin to suit every occasion. Ready to pop the question? Or planning to pop a bottle of champagne with your closest friends? The Champagne Cabin is the perfect way to spend a night celebrating both life and love. Of course, the crew at Cable Car Sky Dining will not leave you hanging (pun fully intended) with just a bottle of liquid courage; Expect to be served a platter of tapas to accompany the exhilarating ride. The Assorted Tapas Platter includes a side of Foie Gras Au Gratin, Bruschetta, Prawn Twisters, and Truffle Fries.

To those who are new to Singapore, the Singapore Flavors Cabin Bento Set may be an experience of interest to you. Like the Champagne Cabin, the Singapore Flavors Cabin comprises of two round trips. Get an unforgettable introduction to some of Singapore’s finest flavors with a bento set that consists of Keropok, Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice with Condiments, Dim Sum Crispy Prawn Wanton, Malay Style Tahu Goreng with Peanut Sauce, Wok Fried Chili Crab Meat with Mini Mantou, Rainbow Cake, and a traditional thirst-quencher, the Bandung, which can be described simply as ‘rose milk’. Now doesn’t that sound like an intriguing blend of flavors? Feed your curiosity and your stomachs and book yourselves, and your travel companions, a Singapore Flavors Cabin on your next trip to Singapore.

Cable Car Sky Dining | Stardust Cabin

If you’re looking for an intimate experience along with a hearty four-course meal, Cable Car Sky Dining has prepared a cabin just for you (and your special other) too. The Stardust Cabin package comprises of three round trips – the first one starts you off with your appetizer and soup, the second serves you your main course, and the third ends with dessert. Choose between red or white wine to accompany your three-course meal. On your first round, the spritely crew serves you your appetizer, which consists of a small plate of Lightly Smoked Duck Breast, and a fragrant bowl of Wild Forest Mushroom Soup served with a dash of white truffle oil. Slowly savor the palate teasers without letting the constantly evolving surroundings escape you. Like clockwork, the crew clears your plates and serves you your main course on the second round. Decide on the Slow-Braised Tender Wagyu Beef Cheek in Port Wine Reduction Brown Jus, or the Pan-Roasted Norwegian Salmon Fillet. End off the exhilarating ride with dessert, Champagne Lychee with Vine Berries & Raspberry Coulis, on your final round.

For a truly special occasion where the pictures and ambiance are vital to the experience, we recommend the Stardust Floral Cabin. Although the three round trips mirror the ones in the Stardust Cabin experience, the Stardust Floral Cabin differs by being the more ‘Instagrammable’ of the two. Its interiors are whimsically decorated with pale pink and purple flowers draped across the windowpane, forming a gorgeous Garden-in-the-sky frame for those picture-perfect moments. The cabin also comes with a portable speaker to set the tone with some background music.

Escape your cookie-cutter, mundane life in the concrete jungle and stimulate your senses with something out of the ordinary. Find yourself appreciating life for what it’s truly worth in the beauty of the moment, and realizing that you just needed a different perspective – literally – to see things in a better light. And who better to share this enlightening yet enthralling experience with, than with the one (or ones) that you love?
Photography courtesy of One Faber Group