TOP LUXURY SPAS Around The World

We invite you to follow us on a journey of relaxation, self-care, and beauty through our favorite Spas around the world. We all love the feeling of being relaxed and revitalized and to get the sense that our body, mind, and spirit are in alignment. While there are various practices that can help us to reconnect with ourselves, treating yourself with a day in a Spa will always enhance your sense of well-being.


A Sanctuary of Fulfillment

words // Nathan Dukes photography courtesy // Park Hyatt Sydney

Nestled under the Sydney Harbour Bridge you will find a sanctuary of relaxation and fulfillment. The Park Hyatt Sydney offers both privacy and proximity to the city’s beating heart. Little wonder so many Sydney siders escape the grind to The Spa at The Park Hyatt Sydney for their ultimate indulgences. The Spa has a clean, sophisticated elegance. Warm neutral tones set the mood for relaxation. There is great attention to detail, from the professional service to the heated massage beds and silken sheets.

Your first sensory experience will be choosing a natural organic massage oil, from a luxurious range by Australian brand iKOU. From the spectrum of delicate natural scents, the Eucalyptus oil struck a chord with its intense aroma; the distillation of the Australian bushland. It’s no coincidence, given iKOU’s intoxicating oils are handmade in the Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney. As the full body massage begins, the therapist’s hands glide slowly and purposefully, like a Tai Chi master. Knots you barely knew existed are discovered and relieved. The main event is an invigorating elbow treatment down the length of your spine. As the tension leaves your body you will find yourself begging for more.

The same attention to detail is delivered during an IKOU Signature Australian White Flannel flower anti-aging facial, a sensory journey with native florals. From hot to cold, from textured to smooth, your face is treated to the spectrum of invigoration. Highlights on an impressive list of treatments include the Caviar Facial, the Turkish Salt body exfoliation, and the Australian Sea Kelp Cleanse with green and blue clay.


An Exotic Temple Of Nature

words // Laura Ivona Spiridon photography courtesy // The Organic Spa Madrid

We all want to feel good, and we all are seek- ing to feel relaxed, happy and full of joy and inspiration. I love to take care of myself by visiting a spa and I particularly appreciate Thai massages but given by real Thai masseuses. As we all know, sometimes it’s hard finding “the special one,” and especially when it comes to beauty and lifestyle temples. I was lucky enough to stumble across The Organic Spa when in Madrid with incredible massages and treatments that inevitably makes you want to repeat.

The name says it all, every single product you are about to touch within their walls is 100% organic. It’s rare and it makes you feel so good that you are not only taking care of yourself but also of the planet we live on. Eco-friendly organic products are always a plus, and if they smell like beautiful heavenly flowers, such as roses or jasmine, then who can resist!

Even knowing that you are in Madrid, as you enter the spa, you will immediately get the sensation of being transported to an exotic Asian island full of nature sounds. Seven special massages inspired on different Asian areas will come accompanied by delicious flower scents just to make your day so much better.

Once your ritual is over, a sumptuous cup of the most exquisite organic tea is waiting for you. All you have left to do now is to exist for the rest of the day in the purest peace state of mind you can imagine of.

So, if you happen to find yourself around Madrid, a visit to the stunning Organic Spa is a must. You are welcome.


The Ritual Of Allowing Happiness

words // Karina Brante photography courtesy // Aman Spa London

Accepting yourself, trusting and believing that the Universe is there for you is allowing happiness. And here I am, standing in front of one of the most iconic and luxurious hotels in London, a place that promises to satisfy any of my desires and wishes – the Connaught.

Upon entering the hotel, a Grand Edwardian lobby flows into an intimate corridor with overhanging brass lanterns and lit candles leading me to a serene terrace where The Moon garden awaits to be admired. Only a few moments later I find my way to discover an award-winning Aman Spa. Welcomed by heart-warming smiles, I am invited to unwind by the impeccably designed black

granite pool and here while listening to the sound of water flowing smoothly over a vertical stone wall. For the first time in a while, I feel complete serenity. Hypnotized into tranquility, I await one of the signature Aman Spa experiences – a ritual created by Native Americans and it’s based on using ancient Navajo techniques focusing on grounding the body energy.

The ritual starts with energy consultation while my feet are bathed in healing crystals in one of the elegant relaxation rooms. My therapist carefully assesses my energy and begins a ceremony that leaves me speechless. I believe silence is luxury, a moment to connect with yourself and while most of the times our energy is directed outwards to seek comfort from elsewhere, we already have everything we need inside us.

The ceremony is followed by a red clay body wrap carefully mixed with naturally derived ingredients leaving my skin soft, smoothed and plumped and a full body and face massage using Navajo herb infused essential oils. What strikes me is the rare depth and resonance my ritual had left upon my mind and the state of complete harmony it found with my body, grounded and peaceful, a sensation that lasted for several days after that within me. An experience of a lifetime to reconnect with yourself.


Serenity & Ultra-luxury Experience


photography courtesy // Park Hyatt New York & words // Karynne Summars

Spa Nalai, which translates to ‘Serenity,’ is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful and top spas I have visited, and as an avid spa enthusiast, I have visited quite a few in my lifetime.

The spa is located at the luxurious Park Hyatt New York. As you enter the hotel, a charming concierge greets you with a smile escorting you to the elevator. On the floor 25, an elegantly furnished lounge with astonishing views of the City and Central Park is waiting for you. The scent of relaxing aromatherapy and highly attentive personnel invite you to take a seat to await your facial and massage treatment.

The 90-minute Ultimate Renewal Facial, which I was fortunate to experience, is an exclusive three-step makeover involving exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin, infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients and oxygenation of the skin generated from within. The exfoliation part is administered with the geneO+ device, comparable to an ultrasound wand, which prepares the skin for the revitalizing CelleCle Skincare nutrients to come in step two. The nutrients are tailored to the guest’s skin condition to either brighten or hydrate as well as sculpt aging structures.

Gently applied and massaged into the skin by the Treatment Artisan, as they call the esthetician at Spa Nalai, this divine treatment provides the ultimate relaxation of facial muscles while beautifying your face and neck. A treatment fit for royals, in my opinion, and therefore a must-do for anyone appreciating effective sculpting, rejuvenation, and rehydration. My skin never looked more radiant and hydrated. The subsequent stress-relieving neck and shoulder massage only enhanced this extraordinary experience.

Be prepared for an awe-inspiring mini vacation at Spa Nalai with a fabulous extensive well-designed menu of facials and massages amidst the magnificent Spa amenities.


An Emotional Journey Of Relaxation

words // Nathan Dukes & photography courtesy // Hammam Al Ándalus Granada

Take a journey with me. Across the ancient stone bridge, through the cobbled courtyard, up the quaint stairs, and back 800 years through history. The doors of the Hammam Al Ándalus Granada might have opened in 1998, but the foundations – of both this very building and the culture – have remained the same for a millennium. 

Deeper and deeper you go into the ancient building as exotic scents fill the darkened corridors. This is a place of hushed voices and trickling water, serenity and relaxation.

The modern renovation has faithfully captured the architecture and emotion of this building’s provenance – the thirteenth century – which marks the golden age of the Alhambra palace high above the city. It’s not a coincidence I feel the same energy in both luxurious destinations. Each dimly lit room of the Hammam al Andalus carries that same ancient opulence. From the ornate plasterwork to the richly detailed ceramic tiles, marble floors, brickwork and columns.

With a relaxing aromatherapy massage, let your mind to wander through a summer garden of your choosing from the diverse assortment of fragrant oils. Will it be lavender, rose, pomegranate tree flower or red amber?

Continue the journey in the three crystal baths. The warm pool holds just enough heat to sit in comfort, while the hot pool offers an intense dry sensation. The cold plunge pool delivers a shock to revitalize your body and mind. Some will be tempted by the hot stone bed and sauna, while others will enjoy the relaxation room with chess boards and Moroccan ‘té moruno’: green tea with mint and sugar.


A Perfect Thai -inspired Indulgence

words // Tammian How & photography // ELEMIS spa at St. Regis Bangkok

The notion of a hedonistic paradise takes on a new turn as Bangkok, The Land of Smiles, offers an eye-opening perspective on luxury with a twist in Asia. For those with a penchant for luxurious spa experiences, look no further than ELEMIS Spa at the St. Regis Bangkok.

ELEMIS Spa at the St. Regis Bangkok prides itself in not only being the first of its kind existing in South East Asia, but also one of only four exclusive ELEMIS Signature spas   – indeed a treat in itself. Its unique proposition lies in its extraordinary setting of the spa elegance amidst the hectic Thai capital, balancing tradition and modernity in a perfect concoction of pure Thai-inspired indulgence.

Located on the 15th floor of St. Regis Bangkok overlooking the scenic Bangkok cityscape, ELEMIS Spa focuses on delivering personalized journeys and experiences to their clients, with treatments specially designed to support and nurture skin radiance and health. By respecting the unique qualities of each individual, ELEMIS therapists personally prescribe the perfect combination to work with your skin, mood and needs. Condition your skin and muscles with the all-embracing experience of the ELEMIS Couture Touch treatment – combine ‘What Lies Beneath’ TOUCH facial – a powerful facial exfoliation and renewal treatment, with a personalized Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage for an extraordinary wellness journey.

The path to wellness begins with ELEMIS Spa – get ready for an incredible healing experience in both mind and body in the heart of Bangkok.