Eduardo Marturet | The Art Of Being Maestro

Born a musician, Eduardo Marturet has completed his 13th season as Music Director and Conductor of The Miami Symphony Orchestra. While enjoying an active career on three continents, he remains deeply involved in the musical life of his native Venezuela and continues to guest conduct in Europe. He has recorded more than 40 CDs that range from a Brahms orchestral cycle to surveys of Latin America’s most celebrated orchestral composers.

“I am always in the future because my future is my present,” says Marturet.

The tempo lives inside Eduardo. It is part of his cells and bones. His communication with the musicians is with love and respect towards each other and the music they are co-creating. Maestro Eduardo Marturet guides the musicians to listen to each other and letting them be themselves while he naturally conducts them through his gestures, his rehearsal language, and technique.

Every detail is essential, even fashion becomes an ingredient, to create a connection and an atmosphere around the audience. As a result, very often the music comes alive through the eyes of the spectator.

As a conductor of The Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO), Eduardo is faithful to the musical reflection of this city. Now in its historic 29th season, MISO is Miami’s hometown professional symphony, a valuable contributor to Miami’s cultural fabric, and a source of growing local pride and support. MISO also promotes diversity and inclusion by combining classical music with other artistic disciplines through concerts such as “Poetry of Music & Design” – an homage to renowned architect Zaha Hadid celebrated at Design District Miami and “Miami POPS” with the best of Pop and Latin Music.

“Our task is to make classical music sound contemporary and contemporary music sound classical,” Eduardo states.

Like life itself, by taking risks, it all blends into glorious sounds, transcendental and sublime experiences that neither him, the orchestra nor the audience can ever forget. This music lives forever; it is immortalized by spontaneity and honesty that, at the same, the art time, is a faithful rendering of the score.

We only can wonder and dream of to experience one of the fascinating events that Eduardo Marturet and The Miami Symphony orchestra are creating for us on his next 13th season starting in a maestro October 2018.

Eduardo Marturet
Photography Sharon Levy