Reynard At Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn | Deceiving You into Bliss

reynard/renard: standard word for fox in French.

Reynard, a restaurant located on the ground level of the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, New York, features and serves seasonal and locally sourced American fare. Opened back in 2012, the 100-seat dining location is not the typical ‘just another hotel restaurant.’ It all began with the introduction of a new chef, a redesigned new menu, and the offering of some of the most amazing and delicious dishes.

With Williamsburg being one of the top, hip and trendy neighborhoods to live, eat and be at, it does help bring attention and light to a lot of businesses and locations in the neighborhood. Reynard is not only filled with guests of the Wythe Hotel and nearby Williamsburg residents, but it does also get filled up with people who are not even from the area, just exploring and want to enjoy an awesome brunch, lunch or dinner experience.

Photography by Liz Clayman

The Wythe Hotel building was previously an old textile factory and has been redesigned and transformed into what it is now, but still maintains the essence of its vibrant neighborhood. The building’s industrial roots and sturdy urban character have been charmingly preserved through its design. Upon entering Reynard for dinner, you take notice of the high ceiling, which then instantly enlarges the space visually by the double and enhances the whole dining experience tremendously. The striated reclaimed wooden ceiling with beams of the same material, exposed brick walls and the large windows give the entire restaurant an industrial chic touch with a romantic feel. The slightly dimmed and cozy atmosphere make it an ideal ambiance for drinks at the bar with friends, an intimate dinner with a date, and/or dinner with a group of friends and family.

Photography by Liz Clayman

Reynard the Fox; an anthropomorphic red fox and trickster figure from Medieval fables.

To start, they have many light appetizers and starters like the Fire Roasted Flatbread, Winter Squash, Burrata, Carolina Shrimp, Lamb Sausage, and many more. The Burrata is incredible – with overnight tomato and honeycomb over grilled miche, which you can spread the burrata across. The burrata is very creamy and the tomato slices are extremely flavorful but not too heavy as a starter before your entrees.

Photography by Liz Clayman

Christina Lecki, the executive chef of Reynard, produces dishes with the special flavors she has in mind all based on small choices she makes in details. The wood burning hearth in the kitchen exposes all ingredients to the open fire when cooked, thus adding to the overall taste of the dish. The Roasted Chicken is definitely one of the best chicken dishes out there in New York for that reason. The chicken is smoked and roasted, rendering its skin black and smoky. The look of it is far from the accurate visual description of its actual taste. There is so much flavor in just the skin itself from absorbing the smoky aromas and the juice of the chicken. The meat is still tender and each bite is guaranteed to be superbly juicy, leaving you endlessly surprised. You will soon realize that there is quite some juice left on the dish as you continue to devour the chicken. This is when the complimentary bread throughout the dinner becomes handy and useful, acting a sponge to soak up the richness of the remains. The roasted chicken is served with a side of pumpkin puree, which complemented the chicken really well. The pumpkin is slowly roasted overnight and many ingredients are added to give it its perfect color, texture and taste. The perfect amount of butter is used so that it doesn’t detract the charming and natural flavors of the pumpkin.

The menu offers several other entrees as well, including Grilled Maitake, Wild Striped Bass, Grilled Lamb and Dry Aged Steak. They also have a good list of wines and spirits to accompany each dish for the best pairings.

Photography by Liz Clayman

Reynard the Fox’s adventures usually involve him deceiving other anthropomorphic animals for his own advantage.

The logo and the animal symbol of Reynard is the fox and, in a way, customers are lured in deceptively. In this case, lured in, in a good way, with good food. All customers thus become the adventures of Reynard, the fox and ultimately become the fox, all searching for things for its own advantage. At Reynard, everyone is in an advantaged position, equally exposed to its menu of amazing food.

The Wythe Hotel also offers spectacular views of Manhattan skyline from their guestrooms and on their rooftop bar, The Ides. The rooftop is the best spot to hang out to grab a drink before dinner while enjoying the sunset or after dinner winding the day off with the view of lit up city buildings across the night sky.