Yoga & Meditation | A Solution for Human Well-Being

Nowadays people want solutions; effective, practical solutions that will achieve the desired results. If we look closely at the ultimate desire of every human being, we will see that each action that we perform is driven by one goal: finding peace and happiness to achieve a joyful stress-free life. In pursuit of this happiness, humanity goes above and beyond and invents a variety of different tools and distractions, but only very few of us can honestly say that they live a peaceful and joyful life. This is because we have not supplied our society with tools that will help us to live in this state.

Yoga and meditation are the two most commonly misunderstood terms in the world. People think that twisting your body left and right is yoga, and closing your eyes and thinking happy thoughts or clearing your mind is meditation. They are not equivalent in that sense.

Whenever you hear good news or accomplish something that you want, you experience a very happy and pleasant sensation within yourself. It feels good, so naturally, we attribute this experience to a sense of achievement that occurred recently and thus go on with our lives in pursuit of more of those things in the hopes of achieving that same sensation again. What we might not realize is that the experience happens within ourselves and we use external factors to stimulate this experience internally. The science of that occurrence is as such: a thought – mental fluctuation that leads to a chemical reaction in the body which produces a physical sensation. Pleasant sensations – joy, unpleasant sensations – misery.

In other words, the human system is a kind of “chemical soup” that controls our experience of life.

Yoga is the science that gives you an opportunity to become the alchemist of your own “chemical soup,” and become the master of your life experience and your own destiny. Meditation is not an act; it is not something you do – it`s a quality. By working on your body, mind and energy system through yogic practices, you can become meditative and sit with your eyes closed for extended periods of time in a pleasant state. Therefore, these two go hand in hand.

Now, you may say “well doesn’t that make you complacent? I want to go out in the world and do things!” Perfect. If you want to go out in the world and make things happen first and foremost, you must have a very sharp mind and an enhanced perception which yoga and meditation help you achieve; it is the tool that enables you to master your own body and mind. Above all, if you are a naturally joyful person, your life becomes an expression of this joy versus the pursuit of happiness.

It is essential that you learn yoga and meditation from most credible entities and there are very few of them today in the West, so do your homework first and once you find a right place immerse in this science of the ultimate human well-being.
words Ilias Vinikovskyi | illustration  Ines Glavaš