Four After-work Hangouts to Drink and Dine in Singapore

Trawling through the Internet because it’s your turn to suggest the next place for some after-hours grub and grog? Look no further, these four hangouts have won the THM team’s stamp of approval – check them out on your next bar crawl!


Number 1 Burger | Photography courtesy of 25 Degrees

Hailing from Los Angeles, 25 Degrees is a gourmet burger, wine and liquor bar. Known as the burger joint that A-List celebrities clamor over, the name refers to the definitive difference in temperature between a raw and well-done burger. Nestled within Hotel G – a lifestyle hotel located near Bugis which is a trendy district amongst the locals, it offers the quintessential American burger experience. The establishment drips in burgundy accents which mimics an old Hollywood glamour, evoking a cozy yet glamorous atmosphere.

25 Degrees serves up artisanal burgers chock full of flavor which definitely makes for an indulgent meal. The menu is conservative but satisfying. It is headed by the four most popular burgers of the chain, unpretentiously named Number One, Number Two, Number Three, and Number Four. Don’t fancy them? You can craft your own! There will be a burger suitable for any palate. We tried the Number One burger, made up of a savory Angus beef patty, Creszenza cheese, crispy bacon and fresh greens. The patty was succulent and the aromatic cheese delectably creamy. Every bite is a new dimension to the burger. To top it off, wash it all down with a refreshing glass of wine or the plethora of liquor options they offer. Pay 25 Degrees a visit for a unique burger experience.


Pepperoni Pizza | Photography courtesy of Nickeldime Novena

If you and your crew are looking for a place to chill and chat over beer and delectable small bites, head over to Nickeldime Novena – we’re raring to go again!

Nickeldime Novena provides an excellent assortment of bar food and mains (and even dessert for those with a sweet tooth) to pair with your beer. For starters, chicken and beer never go wrong – their Buffalo Wings, marinated with their secret recipe and served with sriracha and blue cheese sauce is superb. No need to make Nickeldime Novena an after-dinner stop, you can find substantial main course options here as well! They serve freshly made pizzas and burgers that could easily steal the spotlight from their fine craft beer selection. Of course, a bar is only as good as its beer and Nickeldime Novena stands alongside the best. If you’re looking to try something new, you’d be pleased to know that the craft beers here gets updated regularly and are curated globally from countries such as Hong Kong, England, New Zealand, USA, and Norway to name a few. Talk to the staff and let them know what you like, they’d be happy to guide you in making your choice.


An assortment of tapas | Photography courtesy of Papi’s Tacos

Located in the heart of Seah Street is Papi’s Tacos, an unassuming eatery that has become a force to be reckoned with in the after-work F&B scene. Been feeling that travel itch lately? Make your way to Papi’s Tacos for a brief ‘get-away’ to Mexico, for some wholesome and fuss-free Mexican food, prepared the authentically Mexican way. Every dish at Papi’s is arduously cooked and assembled on the spot by the jovial head chef, Mauricio Espinoza. Mauricio has brought with his recipes that he grew up with back in his hometown, Tlaxcala.

Upon arrival, we were seated snugly along the bar, allowing us a full view of Chef Mauricio at work. He prepared for us three of his best tacos, the Tacos de Cameron, the Tacos de Pollo, and the Tacos de Asada. The shrimp, chicken, and beef in each of the respective tacos were grilled and pan seared to perfection, leaving the meat juicy and flavorful.  We also tried his signature dish, the Tostadas de Pollo, a quesadilla consisting of a crispy homemade corn tortilla topped with refried beans, pulled chicken slow-cooked with chipotle and fresh tomatoes, pico de gallo and queso fresco. Of course, after-work rest and relaxation is not complete without some drinks, Papi’s does a mean frozen Margarita that is sure to take the heat down a notch.

Make Papi’s Tacos the next destination for dinner and drinks with your friends for an experience that is “out-of this island”.


Kimchi Carnitas Fries | Photography courtesy of Vatos

With multiple locations around the world, Vatos Urban Tacos is a feisty and refreshing Korean-Mexican fusion joint in the local food scene. Located on South Beach, the bar and restaurant are introduced by three Korean-Americans with Californian or Texan roots. Wanting to bring together influences from their multiple heritages, Vatos Urban Tacos was born. Rich Korean flavors are harmoniously incorporated with fiery Mexican spices. A peek at the menu shows vastly different flavors in a single dish which makes for an interesting meal.  

We tried the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls from their latest menu and was blown away at how the cheesy beef complements the crisp outer skin. A satisfying crunch with every savory bite! Bursting with umami, the Kimchi Carnitas Fries are always a hit with the diners. Not forgetting the tacos, try the Galbi Short Rib Tacos, Chimichurri Chicken Tacos or Baja Fish Tacos. The warm tortilla coupled with well-marinated meats, drizzled with their specialty sauces is guaranteed to make you want more by the time you’re done! From the bar, live it up with a glass of their signature Makgeolitas — an exciting (and potent) mix between tequila and makgeolli (Korean Rice Alcohol). Not interested in margaritas? They also have a varied collection of craft beers on draft! Have a fulfilling night with quality food and happy hour drinks that won’t disappoint at Vatos Urban Tacos.

Written by Eline Chua and Sarah Gan
Cover photo by Cegoh
Photography credited to respective establishments