Delamar Southport | Classy Indulgence

“It beckons you into a world of luxury in beautiful Southport, Connecticut.”

If you’re looking into getting away from the hustling and bustling city of New York to wind down for a short period of time but don’t want to go too far to relax, an hour and a half is all it really takes. That time spent will place you at the refined boutique hotel, Delamar Southport in Southport, Connecticut from midtown Manhattan. In the area is where you feel like you’ve entered a state of relaxation, an environment distanced from most things yet still located very close to some, like nature. You will find that the elegance and ambiance echoing from the classic New England style of architecture and design accompanied by the intimate and masterly perfected service create one of the best destinations to indulge in a series of fulfillment and pleasures.

Delamar Southport Exterior

Indulgence: a thing that is indulged in; a luxury

From the moment of arrival at the front door to settling down in the guestroom, everything resonates classy and elegant. From the exterior façade to the décor and every minor design detail, an essence of charm and sophistication is present and is carried throughout the hotel. Delamar Southport provides 43 guestrooms and suites with distinctive furnishings and interior design along with exceptional amenities, a New England farm fresh restaurant and full-service exclusive spa suite. Your own getaway and a journey full of indulgences start right at check-in when the personnel offers you a welcome drink; Port or Sherry.

Delamar Southport Lobby

The long corridors with a playful color to its wallpaper and modern artwork create quite a joyful walk to and from your guestroom. The rooms are generously spacious yet still kept at the size of a residential style so that it still feels homey and comfortable. The relatively small count of rooms in the hotel enables the Delamar team to carefully attend to each guest and provide the best service possible.

Delamar Southport Superior King Guestroom

The hotel restaurant, The Artisan, also houses the bar, Tavern & Garden and both work together with the idea of bringing in the nature to create an enjoyable spot for fine dining and enjoying drinks with family and friends. The interior design and décor completely render the restaurant as the living room and dining room of a countryside house, where it makes the space extremely cozy and guests feel just as if they are at home.

Delamar Southport Restaurant

Walking into the restaurant, there are many details that contribute to the charm of a living room and the energy of a tavern, which make it hard to believe that both coexist with just the separation of mirroring glass screens. Absolutely captured the quiet and calming vibe desirable for when dining and the liveliness for when drinking at a bar. A giant white tulip is painted on a wall in the tavern, and a twisting attenuated Magnolia branch with buds on the cusp of blossoming on another wall in the main dining space. This not only brings nature in visually but also connects the tavern and the restaurant, as if the flowers are flowing lighting and slowly across both spaces. The two oversized murals also remind diners of Artisan’s fresh from nature approach to cuisine.

Delamar Southport Artisan Tavern

Many of these classical and extravagant elements are dispersed amongst distinctive niches and are slowly revealed throughout the dining experience. The bookshelf, modestly placed against a wall in the corner behind several dining tables, conveys the essence of a home. The series of photo frames, quietly placed on one wall, call to a memory of seeing photographs while walking down a hallway. A tiled stove, like that of a fireplace, warms guests seated nearby. Private dining room. Custom-made sculptural copper contemporary chandeliers, lanterns, mason jar pendant lights.

Delamar Southport Artisan

“All the details, even the hardware are meticulously spotless, this allows the extravagant elements to speak in the serenity of the space.”

The light and soft aspect of the design match extremely well with the light, a simple yet complex menu of Artisan’s. The restaurant source and combine local, fresh and seasonal products and ingredients through the New-England-inspired farm to table cuisine. Despite ‘farm to table’ is a term not too likened by the French executive Chef Frederic Kieffer, it is used to best describe the products they utilize for his carefully curated menu.

Delamar Southport Artisan | View from Copper Room

Tuna Crudo served with cucumber, avocado, lemon crème is good to have to start the dinner, strikingly refreshing. The ravioli filled with veal and topped with parmesan is quite the complex dish, with all the flavors of each ingredient complementing one another to create a superbly rich taste to every bite. The sea scallops with a butternut squash risotto is simple in that the natural sweetness of the scallops comes through. The Artisan’s menu offers many other options along with perfect wine pairings for each.

What stands out exceptionally are two of the desserts they have, the Goat Cheese Cheesecake and the roasted apple pastry. The cheesecake is served with a tomato marmalade atop which balanced the strong and rich flavors of the goat cheese. The roasted apple is served in the form of a blossoming flower and with a side of Connecticut honey ice cream. A night of fine dining at The Artisan is truly an indulgent feast for all senses.

Delamar Southport Artisan SPA | Treatment Room

What else could make this whole getaway more relaxing? Head on up to the second floor where the exclusive spa suite is located. An extensive list of treatment and spa options is offered and superb professional service is provided. Definitely the luxurious treatment your body will appreciate and deserves, and truly the best way to re-connect with yourself to match the vibe of Connecticut. A stay at Delamar Southport is a luxuriously self-indulgent yet deserving experience, one that is decadent and hedonistic.      

Decadent: luxuriously self-indulgent
Photography Courtesy Delamar Southport