Aqua Art Miami | Emerging Artists Materializing Their Dreams

Every year in December, Miami is the place to be when it comes to art, music and design. The city holds a fast-growing number of art fairs and artists, welcoming international and fresh art community. From emerging artists to fine art collectors, curators and art lovers from Europe, LATAM, Asia, Africa, and the U.S. who travel all the way to the heart of the art world known as Art Basel Miami.

As romantic as it may sound, to be an artist involves not only talent but determination and persistence. In order to build themselves a name in the competitive art scene, Galleries and artists are working together to reach the market’s expectations and needs. Online galleries are changing the game when it comes to adding new ways to approach art to a much wider audience, democratizing the art world and giving opportunities to the upcoming and emerging artists in a globalized and international market.

Geometry Transparencies | Artist Salvador Santos

Even if the tendency to buy art online constantly grows, there is still room for the online galleries to do offline exhibitions, showcasing the work of their artists to new collectors in spaces related, or not, to art. Art fairs are for online and offline galleries the place where they not only increase their sales but gain more visibility.

Min Turab | Artist ©Roger Grasas

This year Miami Art Week will count with Artig Gallery, one of the pioneers in the digital art market in Europe. Founded in 2015, the gallery helps to promote emerging talents in their platform, introducing them to the art world and helping collectors discover the new talents that are shaping the art world. Thinking in the American Market, Artig Gallery has selected their finest artists to be part of Aqua Art Miami, an art fair dedicated to showing the emerging talent during the Miami Art Week.

Seashell II Mirror | Geometry Transparencies | Artist Salvador Santos

Kim Anna Smith, Salvador Santos and Roger Grasas are the artists that will exhibit their works in Artig Gallery’s room at Aqua. For an emerging artist to be part of an art fair seems like a dream come true, as they will not only meet their economical expectations, but because being in a fair helps them know they are going in the right path of creation, as their work is supported not only by the curators of their gallery but as well from the art experts and collectors in every fair.

“Our time” es una escultura en Neón de Kim Anna Smith

“To be invited to show in Miami is a dream come true for an artist at this stage in my career. I feel like art is more powerful than ever… there is so much thought-provoking work is coming through, reflecting the way of the world right now,” says Kim Anna Smith.

Seashell I | Geometry Transparencies | Artist Salvador Santos

For any emerging artist to be part of an art fair is not only a big step in their careers but even more, it involves showing their creations across the world. Artists are shaping and reflecting our society and emerging artists have a clean and clear speech that art fairs like Aqua and galleries like Artig Gallery are trying to spread.

Ha Aretz | Artist ©Roger Grasas | Sodom and Gomorrah, Dead Sea

If you are an art lover, definitely Aqua Art Miami is the place to get inspired, fall in love with affordable art and discover new and upcoming talents.

Header Photo Min Turab | Artist ©Roger Grasas | Photography Courtesy Artig Gallery