Uncovering COREAUX With 4 Quick Questions By Natalie Stoclet

Coreaux is using art to give new meaning to the modern bag. The project began when he painted his own Goyard Duffle bags just over a year ago.

We study ancient history in modern times through the items that people once called their own. In jewelry worn by ancient Egyptians, and in vases found in Grecian homes painted by once local artisans. The items we use say a lot about who we are as a people, and now more than ever we are using our ‘things’ to express ourselves in ways entirely unique to our times.

Assorted Artwork. From “Communion” Show. Downtown Los Angeles. 2016 | Photography Courtesy Coreaux

When we chose a platform to exude a certain side of ourselves, we often turn to fashion. For centuries people have used their exteriors wares to reflect their interior flairs. In 2017, we are no different. What we chose to wear speaks volumes to sentiments as subtle as our moods, and as large as our aesthetic or political values. Today, we spotlight a brand who is converting one of our most essential everyday items into a platform for artistic expression.

Coreaux, a brand by Coalition Holdings, is using art to give new meaning to the modern bag. Inspired by artists like Liechtenstein and Basquiat, Coreaux, the artist behind Coreaux’s designs, started the brand when he began painting his own Goyard Duffle bags just over a year ago. What started with a simple three large ‘X’ marks on the bag, turned into empty spaces filled with symbology, quotes and excerpts Bowden had compiled over the years. The coated Goyard canvas was the perfect medium, pairing perfectly with acrylic paints and allowing for the subtle Goyard patterning behind to shine through with a sophisticated contrast.

Artist in Studio. Brentwood, Los Angeles. 2016 | Photography Courtesy Coreaux

Once the first bag was painted, the rest was history. Coreaux began painting Goyard bags for a select clientele of male and female celebrity and trend-setting clients. The first collection featured limited-edition, hand-painted Goyard St. Louis Totes that fetched around $2,750 and was worn by the likes of Gigi Hadid and Chiara Ferragni. Each bag is adorned with different designs, which can be personally customizable according to what matters most philosophically and aesthetically to you. While the brand has moved beyond Goyard bags to include works with Celine, this is just the beginning for Coreaux.

We caught up with the artist behind the brand for four quick questions to uncover Coreaux

In three words or less describe Coreaux:

“Thoughtfully careless.”

In three words or less describe the Coreaux customer:

“Don’t be shy.”

What are five things you always carry in your Coreaux bag?

One PaperMate Fine Point Flair Pen.

Passport and Wallet.

Oversized Notepad.

MacBook Pro, iPhone, Headphones.

“Tens” Sunglasses – they make every day sunny.

What’s next for Coreaux?

We’re about to release an accessory capsule collection here in a few weeks. Our hope is to continue to create thoughtful and engaging products that have an inherent soulfulness.

Header Photo “Heir.” Black Acrylic on St. Louis GM White. 2016 | Photography courtesy Coreaux