Rossignol, Soul 7 HD | The Evolution Of Ski Technology And Innovation

“A powder ski that carves?!” Why yes, yes it does.

Originally introduced in the 2013/2014 winter season, Rossignol’s now iconic Soul 7 freeride ski quickly became not only one of the most visible skis on the slopes that winter but one of the most visible and best-selling skis in the world every season since. The introduction of a revolutionary and eye-catching new technology (Air Tip) and the striking yet simple black and yellow aesthetic set a new precedent in ski design and lured skiers with the promise of easier, more energizing, and more intuitive performance wherever the snow took them.

Soul 7 HD | Photography by Ludovic Chauchaix

The real hook, the Soul 7, lived up to the hype. Domination of industry magazine awards and accolades from the most hardened of ski testers quickly followed suit. Consumer reviews and word-of-mouth buzz from newbies to experts, all boldly claiming that the Soul 7 instantly made them better skiers, spread throughout mountain towns from Stowe to Squaw Valley.  

And since that successful intro, the Soul 7 has remained relatively unchanged in terms of both its construction and popularity over the past few seasons. That is until now. For the current 2017/2018 ski season Rossignol has gone back to the drawing board attempting to improve upon what many have deemed a perfect ski, and completely redesigned the model that literally changed the game just four short seasons ago.   

Soul 7 HD | Photography by Ludovic Chauchaix

Now sold under the Soul 7 HD moniker for 2017/2018 – this all-new Soul features an evolution of its original breakthrough technology and the introduction of new materials that simultaneously raise top-end performance – hence the “HD” – while retaining the approachable and instinctive feel that made the Soul 7 so popular, to begin with.

So what stays the same? Mainly it’s in the footprint, the dimensions of the ski, which have been a key component to the versatility that end-users have been raving about since the outset: “A powder ski that carves?!” Why yes, yes it does.

Soul 7 HD | Photography by Ludovic Chauchaix

So what changes? Virtually everything else. First Rossignol developed a new fiber that incorporates carbon and basalt in a way that alleviates any of the negative, harsher effects of these individual elements and elevates the positive effects. Called Carbon Alloy Matrix, this new technology delivers all the stability and liveliness you want without adding the substantial weight of using metal.

But the real eye-candy is in the new Air Tip2.0. Like the original Air Tip, weight reduction at the extremities is a key attribute and helps the tips of the ski automatically lift and plane above the snow surface for effortless floatation, easy maneuverability, and an incredible feeling of control in the most aspirational and enjoyable conditions on earth: powder. The new iteration improves upon the original in this way with a 3D construction that allows Rossignol to lighten the tips even further by removing even more material from the tip of the ski.  They’ve also worked hard to integrate this construction more fully into the “engine” of the ski, creating a more balanced and consistent on-snow feel.

Soul 7 HD | Photography by Ludovic Chauchaix

The end result turned into high-performance for the pros and accessibility for the masses, a vast improvement of an already iconic, best-selling ski that no one really thought needed improving to begin with.  Except, the R&D team at Rossignol, I guess.
Words by Nick Castagnoli 
Cover photo by Ludovic Chauchaix