JAX B-B-Q New York | Wood Not Want it Any Other Way

What another way to enjoy smoked meats? – real wood pit barbecue.

Need some good and quick comfort food in a comfortable place? If you are thinking barbecue, Jax B-B-Q is it! Located in Hell’s Kitchen of NYC, between 37th and 38th Street, the new barbecue restaurant, Jax B-B-Q stands out offering real wood pit barbecue smoked meats and other deep South delicacies. Quick is in no way the word to describe the amount of time they spent preparing the food on their menu. Featuring items like the spare ribs (smoked for six hours), burgers (hand-pressed of dry-aged brisket), dry rubs and BBQ sauces (18-ingredient spice mixture), and frozen margaritas (infused with real fruits), it shows everything from technique to skill to time spent, but quick. It is all time well spent, for the amazingly delicious end products. You would not want it differently. Because why would you?

…intricacies of “slow and low” smoking and

the importance of specially crafted rubs and seasonings…

Walking by, you might not notice every little detail of Jax B-B-Q, but you catch glimpses of its attractive and glowing interior. Upon entering, you immediately take notice of the retro feel to the overall space, emanating from its furniture, lighting, and decorations all around the restaurant. The exposed brick walls, antique gas station signs, and retro chrome stools are what give the place its signature and ambiance; cool, fun and a warm spot to relax, enjoy a drink over great food with friends. At times, groups and crowds contribute to the liveliness, which enhances the whole dining experience.

To start, there are plenty of options on the menu. The Crawfish Hushpuppies and Esposito Hot Links are strongly recommended. Or you can be as simple as going for an order of Chili Cheddar Waffle Fries or BBQ Hot Wings. The wings are cooked and baked in their on-site wood pit stove for over five hours.

The smoked meats are the highlights, usually stealing the show because of the way they are prepared. Jax B-B-Q uses a pit that is stoked with white oak, cherry, and birch woods.

The Memphis styled spare ribs are extremely well flavored from its six hours of a smoking process with its 18-ingredient spice mixture dry rubbed all over it and covered with a specialty house-made bbq sauce when served. The long hours of cooking it does not take away the moisture from the meat and the slightly sweet and tangy flavors of the bbq sauce leave you wanting more. Jax offers a wide list of beers, cocktails, beverages and frozen margaritas to fully complement the kind of food you’re enjoying.

All their platters of various meats are delicious and unique in their own ways. The catfish, even though not a smoked meat, is breaded in cornmeal and fried to perfection and tastes just as good. The exterior crunch contrasts the soft interior of each bite. The boneless fried chicken thighs are wonderfully tender, crispy on the outside and enticingly moist on the inside. The Carolina pulled pork and beef brisket are smoked for over 12 hours with its signature dry rub, which explains its every flavorful bite. Jax B-B-Q’s menu also consists of Pat Lafrieda Dry-Aged Blend craft burgers and sandwiches if you’re looking for something different. The Jax Classic Burger is the way to go!

“Each is hand-pressed, made with a custom Pat LaFrieda dry-aged brisket blend of one hundred percent grass-fed black Angus beef on a handmade brioche bun.”

The owner Nick Accardi has used what he learned, the art of wood pit cooking from pit-master and bbq legend Mike Mills, in a way that makes his smoked meats taste absolutely outstanding and charming. It makes Jax B-B-Q an enjoyable place from its vibes to its food. It is also a lively yet comfortable environment to appreciate the food. A place where you know you will have your food this way. The right way.

JAX B-B-Q New York
Photography courtesy JAX B-B-Q New York