Sushi Seki New York | Take a Seat

seki [Japanese]: seat

Located in Time Square of New York City, Sushi Seki offers more than just a seat at a sushi restaurant. With two other locations – one in Chelsea and one in the Upper East Side, the Time Square spot is Sushi Seki’s flagship location. There are two floors with varying settings and vibes spread out across each floor, truly bringing out the hedonistic atmosphere and calls for amazing and unique dining experiences. Whether you choose to take…

a seat at the 12-seat sushi bar counter for a more interactive experience with the sushi chef,

a seat at a no-reservation communal table for gathering and socializing,

a seat at more intimate and private tables with a guest or friends,


one of the six seats at the chef’s table that faces the open kitchen in the back,

that is when it all begins… you are guaranteed a spectacular time with the combination of impeccable food and service.

That seat will take you in for a ride; one on a luxurious culinary trip with the destination of ultimate satisfaction.

Sushi Seki | Sushi Bar | Photography by Iryna Zahn

Situated on historic Restaurant Row, you would think that Sushi Seki would be submerged and lost amongst other restaurants, but its light-colored wooden exterior stands out like no other on West 46th Street. Beautifully designed, it slowly guides and welcomes guests into the minimalistic yet elegant sushi den. You will notice the recurring usage of wood and striations and grids in a pattern throughout the restaurant from the partitions to the shelves for sakes behind the sushi bar to even designs on the doors.

After the decision to take a seat at the sushi bar, the omakase (From the Heart), Chef’s Supreme Tasting Menu should be the next immediate decision to let the sushi chef curate your culinary tour for the night. For some, another important choice would be selecting a drink or cocktail to kick start the meal. From Sushi Seki’s extensive list of wines, sakes, cocktails and beverages, it can be rather difficult to decide on one. To go for a more crisp and refreshing drink, the yuzu cocktail is the one! Inspired by the essence of a margarita, this cocktail is remixed with a Japanese twist, incorporating shochu mizu no mai, shiso, yuzu, honey, and yukari salt. To begin the omakase, a set of four fishes is served before you from left to right: fresh oyster topped with yuzu and scallions, Spain fatty toro with soy sauce and wasabi, New Zealand king salmon belly, and horse mackerel sashimi.

Sushi Seki | Sushi Bar | Photography by Iryna Zahn

Next up is the egg custard, served in a small ceramic pot. When the lid is removed, the delicious smell fills the air and when consumed, it warms the heart. There are shiitake mushrooms, ginkgo, fish cake and other ingredients mixed in with the egg custard and topped with snow crab legs. After that is a series of super fresh nigiri sushi pieces, including yellowtail, otoro, shima aji, golden eye snapper, color trout, red snapper, king salmon, Hokkaido uni and many more. Some of many that stand out are tuna over sautéed tofu, king salmon with sautéed tomato, eel over salmon, and seared otoro.

Omakase | Photography Courtesy Sushi Seki New York

The slice of Bluefin tuna, placed over a piece of sautéed tofu and topped with a tofu sauce, is the sandwiching of tuna with tofu. The silkiness and creaminess of the sauce enwrap the whole piece and fills your mouth with a lingering tofu taste and aroma. The slice of sautéed tomato overlaid atop the king salmon sushi gives the salmon the strong flavor and moisture it needed. The warmth from the tomato slice contrasted the coldness of the salmon. The eel beautifully set over the salmon sushi is torched, giving both the eel and salmon a crunchy side, all of which is then placed elegantly over seaweed. The seared otoro topped with ginger scallion sauce is absolutely mouthwatering before and after the bite. The oil spilling out from the torching of the otoro mixed with the ginger scallion sauce provides the right amount of moisture in the piece and spread across every inch of your palate. A spicy scallop handroll is a great touch for the end of the sushi portion of the meal.

If you have been sipping on Yuzu cocktails (so refreshing and light that it tastes as if it is without alcohol, so beware), then a cup of warm green tea is perfect for right about now.

After wrapping up with a dessert combination of a bite-size green tea cheesecake and green tea crème brûlée, guests can choose to take another seat, one on the second floor at the Whisky and Sake bar. General manager Yasuyuki Suzuki, also the sake sommelier at Sushi Seki, can suggest and offer some of the best sakes and whiskeys they have. For guests who like to pair whiskeys or sakes with their sushi, Yasu can also help to curate the perfect pairing. The second floor also houses three private Tatami rooms and a larger space in the back for events.

Omakase | Photography Courtesy Sushi Seki New York

If you had a seat at the whiskey and sake bar for a pre-dinner or post-dinner cocktail…

If you had a seat at the sushi bar and interacted with the sushi chef…

If you had any seat at Sushi Seki…

You know you’ve had a great time; a dining experience consisting of superbly fresh fish and great food and drinks, accompanied by elegant design and flawless service. The owner and chef of Sushi Seki, Chef Seki Shi, has a philosophy of “Never Stop Learning”. Guests are welcomed to come back and learn the different experiences Sushi Seki can offer. Just as important, guests should remember to ‘never stop sitting’, so please,

take a seat.

Take Your Seat.

At Sushi Seki.

For a hedonistic experience.
Header Photo by Tiffany Loria