La Goulue New York | Classically Gluttonous

la goulue [French]: the glutton

Currently situated in the Upper East Side of New York City, the quintessential French restaurant, La Goulue, has been serving traditional French cuisine for decades. After taking an eight-year “rest,” La Goulue has revived its flawless dining experience and continues its dazzling legacy. The return of the French classic has sparked eager anticipation as guests await the unique and luxurious dining experience La Goulue has to offer.

La Goulue New York | Interior | Photography Elaine Fredrick

glutton: a person who is excessively fond of or eager for something

Upon entering the restaurant, you immediately know that you are about to have a brilliant experience. Guests walk into an elegant and traditional French-style dining room cladded with wood panels. The site of this bistro was designed to mirror the restaurant’s original Madison Avenue location. Almost everything from the predecessor was kept and reused – the fixtures, chairs, front door and the dark brown pine panels. These panels, stained to recall the iconic early 20th Century Parisian bistros, have followed the restaurant to all three of its locations. In the back you will discover a grand salon which will transport you to the glamorous Belle Epoque, promising an experience you will remember.

After receiving a warm welcome from the personnel, guests are offered the restaurant’s iconic cheese soufflé. The bite-size treat, a classic in French cuisine, opens your palate and prepares you for the culinary experience to come.

La Goulue New York | Interior Elaine Fredrick

To follow this small treat, La Goulue offers a selection of amazing appetizers to choose from. You will love to taste A La Goulue Classic of Soupe à l’’oignon gratinée aux deux fromages (French onion soup with two kinds of cheese). For something more avant-garde, try the Tartare de thon “La Goulue” façon Japonnaise, an ahi tuna tartare with wasabi miso seasoning, fresh coriander, and crispy tempura. It is quite refreshing with a tart taste which piques the appetite. This appetizer is great when paired with the Legende White by Baron Lafite Rothschild Bordeaux 2016 (Sauvignon Blanc), a very light white wine which nicely complements the flavors.

Cheese Souffle

The Pétatou de chèvre au canard fumé et pommes fondants is a stacked pastry and delicious combination of frisée, puff pastry, smoked duck, and crispy potato topped with baked aged goat cheese. Each bite is surprisingly light yet extremely rich in the mixture of flavors. The baked escargots appetizer served in the form of a soufflé, presented simply, is just as good. After breaking through the exterior of the puff pastry, you will find your spoon sinking into a pool of tomato sauce filled with escargot. The natural sweetness of the escargots shines through and compliments the strong flavors of the tomato sauce. The puff pastry added an extra layer of exquisite flavor and texture to each spoonful. For appetizers that are more flavorful, the Macon-Uchizym Domaine de L’Arfentière Blanc 2016 (Chardonnay) is an excellent pairing.

Tuna Tartar

For the main course, there is a variety of excellent dishes offered. Dos de cabillaud façon “Matelote” is a dish served with codfish placed atop leek fondue that sits atop a Burgundy sauce with smoked shiitake mushrooms. The cod is prepared perfectly. The leeks give the dish a moist texture while the Burgundy sauce adds a delicious beef broth flavor to each bite. The Domaine Carillon Chassagne Montrachet Blanc 2016 (Chardonnay) compliments the light aromas of the cod but enhances the apparent savor of the jus.

Frisee Aux Lardons Comme a Lyon

The beef tenderloin au poivre is masterfully prepared and superbly tender, with the au poivre sauce giving a complementary contrast to the rich flavor of the quality beef. The sauce pairs well with the side of French fries, making the popular treat a luxurious side dish. To continue with the white wine pairing, the Hanzell Vineyards 2013 Sonoma (Chardonnay) finishes the main course. On the whole, La Goulue’s wine list is extensive and globally-sourced with a prominent French influence, and can be flawlessly paired with each and every one of their dishes.

“We agree a great list needs two simple features.

Wines which whet the appetite by pedigree and price, and wines whose vintages are drinking well now.”

– Craig J. Pogson (partner)

To fully plunge into the La Goulue experience, desserts are, without a doubt, a must! And of course, the restaurant has perfected the traditional French dessert, Ile Flottante (The Floating Island): a round airy meringue that floats above an ocean of crème anglaise. The crème anglaise is not at all heavy and at an ideal sweetness. Just one dessert is not enough, and your next choice should be the Chocolate Soufflé. Served with a side of warm melted chocolate and a cross cut on the surface of the soufflé, guests are welcomed to pour their desired amount of chocolate over and into the soufflé. Drench your every last spoonful of this dinner a chocolate overload to complete it all.  

La Goulue offers not only amazing traditional French dishes, but a unique and immersive atmosphere which makes you feel as though you have entered a romantic bygone era for the night.

It will never be enough.

You will always want more.

Be la goulue.

At La Goulue.
Photography courtesy La Goulue Restaurant