LEWIS HOWES | The Science of Being Great

It must be very satisfying to create and continuously expand a business that helps others to see their potential to live a great life. It sounds like a cliché, but the truth is that when we are passionate about something and our core intention is to do good through inspired actions, success is inevitable.

“I am a human being who loves supporting others in achieving their dreams. I host a top-ranked self-development podcast, I’ve written a New York Times bestselling book, I speak to entrepreneurs, and I love discovering what makes great people great,” says Lewis Howes, the young entrepreneur who turned his challenges in life into rewarding and profitable opportunities for himself and others.

A former professional Arena League football player, Lewis had suffered a severe injury at a young age which left him depressed and without any money. While recovering from his physical and emotional state, he couldn’t stop thinking about what would come next, until he discovered LinkedIn and started networking there.

“It was something I could pour myself into and build new relationships through, in a way that had been inaccessible before. The network I developed on that platform supported me in building a new business and finding new ways to impact others,” reveals Howes.

Taking advantage of his athletic training which taught him discipline, vision, hard work, teamwork, patience, dedication, and strategy, Lewis was not afraid to risks and fail – the definition of a true entrepreneur.

“I dream big because of what I learned from sports,” he says.

Howes’ curiosity towards technology worked in his favor. The desire to share his experience on LinkedIn with others led him to create his first webinar, which quickly became a tremendous success.

He remembers the first income-producing webinar like this: “I was on top of the world, screaming with joy, throwing the cat in the air, and jumping around. I finally felt like I had unlocked a way to make a sustainable income doing something I was good at. I felt like the richest man in the world.”

Lewis always starts with a clear vision of what and why he wants to create. That keeps his focus looking forward during the highs and lows of a new business idea and ensures he sees his goals fulfilled.

“For me, mindset is everything. When I focus on persistence and continuous daily progress, I am able to keep myself going for a long time. When I focus on the big goal by itself, it can be overwhelming. It’s all about focusing on what I can do today to get a little closer to my goal.”

All of Lewis’ business ideas are intended to contribute to the well-being of others. As a result, he created a podcast entitled The School of Greatness, where he interviews people from different walks of life and backgrounds, making their great minds and wisdom accessible to the masses.

Howes defines Greatness as: “a constantly changing concept in my mind, but it has to do with maximizing your unique talents in the service of others.”

No wonder he became the New York Times Best Selling Author of two books: School of Greatness and Mask of Masculinity. They seem to be a natural progression and reflection of his growth in life.

“Writing books has been a really powerful experience for me because I always struggled a lot in school with English, grammar, and reading. I’ve learned that you don’t have to be an amazing writer to create a great book. You just have to start getting your thoughts and experiences down on paper and get the right editing support. Many great books are written by a team of supportive people.”

Every year Howes hosts the annual Summit of Greatness in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, bringing his worldwide community of greatness-seekers together to experience the magic of podcast in person and the opportunity to take their lives to the next level. Besides main stage keynotes by amazing speakers, attendees are exposed to a wide range of inspiring and fun activities such as morning workouts and lively parties to connect with other people, adding up to a perfect combination of physical and spiritual practices.

Now you can also enjoy the new series Inspiring Life with Lewis Howes on Facebook Watch: “This show is all about tackling the most important and challenging areas of our lives through guest experts’ wisdom, audience participation, and vulnerability. We cover topics like forgiveness, money, masculinity, and the #metoo movement,” Lewis comments.

“The more I share my authentic feelings and experiences in honesty and vulnerability, the more I see people connecting with me. Whenever I am scared of opening up or being vulnerable, especially publicly, I remember that I can do the most good and serve others best by telling the truth about my own experience,” he adds.

Howes’ ultimate purpose in life is “to serve and lift others up.” He not only coaches others through his webinars, books, and seminars but does humanitarian work as a Lifetime Advisory Board Member of Pencils of Promise. They have been able to build over 40 schools in some of the world’s most impoverished regions – including two in Guatemala, one in Laos and one in Ghana.

A firm believer that “if you can dream it, commit to it, follow through, and show up, you can have it,” Lewis has made his lifetime career of embracing “the choice to step into our greatness and create the life of our dreams.”

Photography by Nick Onken