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When we appreciate what we do, we tap into our inner power and fuel the emotions of enthusiasm, strength and love. Spanish singer, songwriter, and actor David Bisbal bestows his fans with his essence of warmth and excitement allowing his enlivening stage presence to move the audience with his vibrant energy. Those who have already seen one of his live performances always want more as this electrifying display is not just a show, it’s a celebration of life.

If you have never experienced it, now is your chance because David is returning to the U.S. with his DAVID BISBAL TOUR USA 2019, where he will perform in nine North American cities in February.

You will realize how much passion and love Bisbal has for his audience, profession, and life in general after you immerse yourself in the following interview.


  • Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is David Bisbal?

David Bisbal is an artist whose philosophy, both, in the professional aspect and in life has been that the way to achieve all his goals is work. An artist who loves to be in connection with his audience, always trying to give the best with each new project, lover of his family, and who believes that the real success is not being number one, but the love of the audience. And an artist who considers teamwork vital, giving everything and trying to innovate always to offer the best to his fans.

Entertainment Industry

  • Since the release of your first album in 2002, you have experienced continued success. What, in your opinion, is the mindset one needs to have to evolve and manifest the life you consider is best?

The key is always work, prepare each new project with enthusiasm and energy, get ready for it day by day, and be clear that what is really important in all this is the audience that follows us and always expects us to evolve.

  • With such a huge platform and exposure, how do you think artists can make a positive impact on their audience?

Each artist has his own personality, a unique way of being and relating to the audience. In my case, as I said before, what is really important is the affection that the audience shows me every day in each concert, with each new album, and I try to correspond back with my music. For me, the closeness with the audience is essential, which I try to always take care of by interacting in each concert and by sharing all my projects with them through social media channels. Nowadays, fortunately, through social media communication is immediate, and that is of great advantage.

North America Tour 2019

  • How does it feel to return on a tour to the U.S. and once again perform live in front of your fans in North America?

I have a wonderful memory of my last visit to the U.S., which was almost six years ago. I remember both the love of the people and the concerts we did here. It is a great responsibility, and the commitment becomes much stronger when you visit a country like this, with that great musical culture, and with that richness in terms of rhythms and musical styles. I can’t wait to get there and be on stage in each city. We have prepared a concert that will be full of energy, strength, and enthusiasm that we aim to give to all the wonderful audiences that follow us and that makes each show so special. I really hope they will enjoy it as much as we do and that in the Washington concert as in the rest of the tour all our fans can see that we continue to give our all for them on stage. We have prepared a perfect repertoire and a show to make that happen.

  • Besides having a powerful voice on stage, your energy is contagious and the audience is always ready to dance and sing with you. What kind of emotions do you feel in the moment you connect with the audience with your voice going through you and from you?

I always get on the stage with a mindset of great responsibility. Those who know me, know that one hour before the performance is scheduled to begin,  I have to be alone to focus and to prepare myself for that important moment. I make all efforts always to be 100% in each show with all that energy that the public expects from me and always shares with me. The union that I feel with them when I am on stage is so great that it is difficult to explain. I take care of my voice a lot, I do a lot of sports regularly to keep myself in shape, and that is fundamental since we do not stop dancing, jumping, and interacting with the public. It’s an emotion that we share, and what makes me happiest is to see the joy of  fans jumping, singing and dancing with us to the point of exhaustion.

  • What can fans expect during your upcoming U.S. tour performances?

As always in our concerts, there will be a lot of surprises, but if I tell them now, they will stop being (smiling). Anyway, the main one of all will be in terms of the repertoire, which has grown a lot since my last visit to the U.S., and in which all the songs can be considered singles. That’s why everyone will be able to sing and dance from the first to the last song. It is a repertoire with my latest collaborations; songs that we have recorded with Juan Gabriel, Sebastian Yatra, Greeicy Randón, La Banda El Recodo or Christian Nodal. We have tried to find a balance between fast songs and ballads to combine the moments of dance and joy.  We try not to miss anything so that everyone can enjoy a wide-ranging show.

  • As an artist and entertainment personality, you represent a huge part of the Spanish and Latin culture in and outside the United States. What does this mean to you?

It is a great responsibility to know that coming from Spain, you are representing a culture like ours that is so rich, which is something that also fills me with pride. I hope to continue doing it for many years, as long as we maintain the same energy and the public continues showing us their great affection.

When I’m on tour outside of Spain and at the concerts, I see a flag of my country or region, Almeria, Andalusia or Spain, I really feel proud and at the same time very excited to be part of such a wonderful country.

  • Dancing is a big part of your performance while you sing. How do the dynamism of movement and the body-rhythm embrace your voice and vice-versa?

Our concerts always inspire a party atmosphere. There is an energy and a force that are present throughout the show and dancing is a way of giving a natural outlet to all that vitality. Each song has its choreography, its dance, and music and movement, of course, that complement each other and together they create the show that is present in each concert. As you say in your question, movement and dance are part of the song, and that is always experienced both on stage and among the audience that luckily does not stop dancing and singing all the time with us.

  • Your songs unite traditional Spanish and contemporary sounds. Would you define it as a style or are there no labels to your creative expression as an artist?

I always say that in my songs I try to evolve continuously, I always try to incorporate the most modern and current rhythms, I listen to all kinds of music to get the best of each style, but keeping the essence of my origins, that is something to which I never give up. For example, “Hijos del Mar” was a much more international, more risky album, which represented a great evolution in my career. And the last songs in duo with Sebastián Yatra “As of Today” or with Greeicy “Perdón” also incorporate current sounds. But in all of them, you can see that Latin essence, which is impossible to miss.

  • One of your most recent successful collaborations was with the artist Sebastian Yatra with the song A Partir de Hoy (From Now On). Why do you think this song has connected so well with the audience?

It is difficult to find an explanation, but it is clear that it has connected enormously with the public. Sebastián Yatra, as well as a good friend, is a great artist, and we have formed a duo in which each one of us has contributed the best to achieve the result that I personally loved. It is a song with a great refrain and a rhythm in which we have mixed the most modern and current sounds but also giving them a spin by bringing together the Latin genre that unites us. In the end, the public is the one who decides, and when they welcome a song like this it makes me see how wonderful it can be to share our music with them.

  • Although, you collaborated with many other renowned international artists,  is there any artist, in particular, you would love to co-create a song with?

Until recently, what kept coming up in my head was that I had never performed with one of my youth idols, Juan Luis Guerra, so in 2017 we recorded together If You Had Not Left. But I have to say that I had the good fortune that all my dreams have been fulfilled as we have collaborated with Latin or American artists whom I have always followed and admired, the greatness of Juan Gabriel, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Luis Fonsi, or Spanish performers with a tremendous international projection like Alejandro Sanz, Raphael or Plácido Domingo. Additionally, the last singles have been all duets as well as I commented before with great artists like Sebastián Yatra, Greeicy, La Banda El Recodo or Christian Nodal.  And soon we will publish a new work also with an extraordinary collaboration, but it is something that we will announce in the near future, which will fulfill another of my great aspirations.

Good Soul

  • Are you involved in any charity organization or humanitarian cause you would like to mention?

I think that music is a fundamental tool to denounce all injustices and to promote social conscience, and we, the artists, with our commitment can be a voice to make that possible.  That helps not only to make people aware of those problems, but also bring awareness to how we could do something to solve it. For years, I have been involved with UNICEF for the cause of protecting the rights of children since they are the most fragile.

To mention one, I am very proud to be the Ambassador of UNICEF and to be able to participate in many of the activities that UNICEF organizes, although my creative work does not allow me to do so as much as I would like to because of time constraints.


  • What do you love most about where you are right now at this moment, and how do you envision your future?

I love my work, music, and everything that surrounds it, especially the moments when I am closest to the audience such as in my concerts. In that sense, I’m always looking forward to getting on stage and at this moment I’m looking forward to February 10 to start the tour of the United States in Chicago. I am excited to perform in New York on the 12th in the Irving Plaza, and I can’t wait on the 15th to get on the stage of The Fillmore and meet that wonderful audience in Miami that for what I’m told will fill the venue. I also will be visiting other beautiful cities such as Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles and Sacramento. I am fortunate in addition to having a wonderful family and a team of professionals that surround me that make me live all those moments with total confidence. So I think that in the future I see myself continuing what I am doing and enjoy like being surrounded by my family and my team, and accompanied by the affection of the fans.

  • At times, you probably feel exhausted after having toured around the world with little or no time for yourself. Do you have any practice or habit to reconnect with yourself after such a busy schedule?

There are several things, but above all what really helps me in times of stress is to engage in sports. Everyone around me knows that I am in love with scuba diving, but I try to keep myself in shape mentally and physically by dedicating the little time I have to all kind of sports.  Of course, being with my family is another way to connect with myself, to meditate, to always think about my heritage — in short, they are all things that help me keep my feet on the ground.

Close Up

  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is The Essence of a Joyful Living. How does Joy during the creative process affect your own experience and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions?

Well, starting from the basis, for me music is a fundamental part of life and joy has to be present both in life and in the music itself. I am an optimistic person by nature and that optimism makes me face the creative process with great vitality. The same thing happens to me on a day-to-day basis when it comes to my personal life. For this I always try to find the balance, as I said before, keep my feet on the ground, and try to do everything with maximum commitment and an optimistic view of things.

  • When you hear: “You can be, do and have anything you want,” words by Abraham Hicks.  What is your take on such a statement?

Well, I think it’s a realistic phrase, but it takes more to carry it out.  On one hand, as I always say, work hard and on the other, surround yourself with a good team and people who add value to you. In that sense, I would like to add two quotes that I love, the first of Picasso, who said “When the inspiration comes, let him catch me working,” and another of Newton: “If I have seen further it is because I am sitting on the shoulders of giants.”


-Sunday, 10 – Chicago – House of Blues
-Tuesday, 12 – New York – Irving Plaza
-Wednesday, 13 – Silver Spring – The Fillmore
-Friday, 15 – Miami – Fillmore
-Saturday, 16 – Lake Buena Vista – House of Blues
-Sunday, 17 – Houston – House of Blues
-Monday, 18 – Dallas – House of Blues
-Wednesday, 20 – Los Angeles – The Wiltern
-Thursday, 21 – Sacramento – Ace of Spades |
Photography Courtesy Universal Music Spain
Editorial comment: This interview was translated from the artist’s answers in his native Spanish language and may, therefore, include slight translation variations compared to the original answers.
Translation Armand Alvarez | Editor Karynne Summars